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Use your Google Play balance for Music and Newsstand subscriptions

October 29, 2014
Google has lightened their restrictions on use of your Google Play balance. Some countries can now use gift cards to fund Google Play Music All Access and grab magazines from Newsstand.
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Google Play gift cards page goes live in Canada, codes are now redeemable

March 22, 2013
Been waiting for a lifetime for Google Play gift cards to come to Canada? All signs are pointing to their imminent arrival.
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Google officially announces Play Store gift cards in the UK

March 6, 2013
Google Play gift cards, in denominations of £10, £25, and £50, are now official in the UK, and will be available from all Tesco and Morrisons outlets soon.
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Google Play gift cards are now available in Tesco UK

March 5, 2013
Although Google Play gift cards haven’t been given an official coming out party in the UK yet, they have made their way to at least one retail store in the country.
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Google will launch Play Store gift cards in the UK pretty soon, perfect for children

March 3, 2013
Young people own phones and tablets these days, but not credit cards, so they can't buy apps. That's why gift cards exist, and they're soon going to come to the UK.
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Get a £20 Google Play voucher from Phones4U for every Galaxy phone purchase

January 5, 2013
There doesn’t seem to be any information on where and when folks can purchase the Google Play vouchers in the UK. There’s one place on the Web, however, where you can get them for free.
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Google Play Store’s Gift Card redeem page goes live in the UK

December 13, 2012
The redemption page for Google Play Store gift cards has gone live in the UK version of the Play Store but there’s still no way for UK users to buy the Gift Cards.
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Google Play gift cards support page goes live, more details revealed

August 21, 2012
The moment that many Google Play customers have been waiting for is here, as Google finally makes the Store’s gift cards official. The support page for the vouchers, which has just gone live, reveals more information that will please those in the U.S., but disappoint many outside the country.
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Google Play voucher redeemed ahead of official release

August 18, 2012
Folks from Target were able to successfully redeem a $25 Google Play gift card ahead of the official launch. Some trickery was naturally involved in the redeeming process, given that it isn’t supposed to go live yet.
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Gift cards and wish lists are almost certainly coming to Google Play

August 16, 2012
Buying for apps and other content on Google Play isn’t the easiest thing to do for folks who don’t have credit cards or simply don’t want to whip them out to buy games and apps -- among other things. The same plight is faced by non-US customers whose payment option is even more severely limited. It looks Google is ready to give customers what they really, really want: the ability to use gift cards to make Google Play purchase.
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