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Nexus One to launch for $530 unlocked, $180 with T-Mobile

by: Susan ElleryDecember 29, 2009

Gizmodo got its hands on the internal Google screenshots for the Nexus One which reveal, amongst other things, the pricing and associated T-Mobile calling/data plans. According to the screenshots, the handset will be branded the Nexus One and will retail for $530 unlocked and for $180 with a two year contract with T-Mobile. Those that chose the subsidized pricing will have to sign up for an Even More 500 Individual + Text + Web plan for $79.99. This individual plan is the only plan available for the subsidized Nexus One – current customers will have to switch over to this plan and those wanting to stay on a family plan need not apply. An unusually high early termination fee of [...]

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Google Android Press Event scheduled for January 5th

by: Susan ElleryDecember 29, 2009

Google is sending out invitations for a big Android press event to be held January 5th in Mountain View, California. Google does not reveal the reason for this event but, based upon all the recent rumors, it has to be the launch event for the Nexus One/Google Phone. Scheduling such an event two days before the launch of CES 2010, Google is trying to steal the limelight and promote its latest and greatest Android offering before it gets lost in the sea of new gadgets that inevitably emerge when CES rolls around. Hit the jump for the full invitation.

[via All Things Digital]

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Internal document reveals that Google will sell the Nexus One with support from T-Mobile

by: Susan ElleryDecember 29, 2009

Those rumors linking the “Google Phone” with T-Mobile were spot on. A document from T-Mobile’s internal system appeared today and it confirmed two big rumors about the Google Phone, also known as the Nexus One – Google alone will sell the Nexus One directly from its website and T-Mobile will provide service support including billing, coverage, features, and rate plans. According to TmoNews, the hot new handset is rumored to go on sale through Google’s website only starting at 9AM on January 5th. Hit the jump for a closer look at the internal document.

[via TmoNews]

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Nexus One desktop dock passes through the FCC

by: Susan ElleryDecember 28, 2009

An eagle eyed member of Android forums scanned the FCC and scooped the Nexus One desktop dock which received FCC approval last week. The outline drawing of the desktop dock is not revealing but the test report reveals a bit of an oddity – the desktop dock includes integrated Bluetooh 2.1+EDR, seemingly duplicating the Bluetooth functionality of the phone. Any guesses as to what extra functionality would be provided by the secondary Bluetooth in the desktop dock? Unless someone with inside information comes forward, this is one mystery that may have to wait for the official announcement before it is solved.

[via Engadget]

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Full Nexus One specs unveiled, initial orders by invite only?

by: Susan ElleryDecember 23, 2009

With a picture here and a rumor there, the Nexus One, aka the “Google phone”, has been slowly unveiled. Today, we can add another piece to the puzzle as a document with the full specifications of this hot, new handset has made its way straight from the halls of Google to the pages of blogs everywhere. Much of these specs have been confirmed by spy shots or hinted at by those lucky few who have had some hands-on time with the handset. Nonetheless, it is nice to see the specs presented in an organized, semi-official-looking manner. Hit the jump to see what the Nexus One has under its hood and some new information on its initial availability.

[via Engadget]

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Best. Nexus One. Preview. Thus Far.

by: Susan ElleryDecember 23, 2009

The guys at Gizmodo got some face to face time with the Nexus One and provide us with the best hand-on preview of the phone thus far. They compare the Nexus One to the iPhone 3GS and the Motorola DROID and cover everything from the feel of the phone all the way down to the JavaScript performance of the web browser. The take home message is that the Nexus One, when it debuts, will be the best Android phone to date. It is fast, sleek, and has a beautiful display. Though it scores slightly behind the iPhone 3GS in Javascript rendering speed, it pulls down and renders web pages faster than the 3GS and the DROID. It lacks the multi-touch and touch-to focus camera feature of the iPhone [...]

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Nexus One stars in a detailed hands on video, pictured next to the iPhone and Hero

by: Susan ElleryDecember 23, 2009

More Nexus One images and videos continue to hit the blogosphere. This time around we have the Nexus One buddying up with the HTC Hero and sitting pretty next to an iPhone. In the images, you can really see the large screen and the smooth curves of the Nexus One. It is slightly longer and a little more narrow than the iPhone and it makes the Hero look like its small-screened, boxy cousin. In addition to the pictures, we have a five minute walk though which details the Android 2.1 interface. Sweet! The video and full-size images are after the break.

[via Engadget]

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Android 2.1 ported to the Motorola DROID

by: Susan ElleryDecember 15, 2009

DROID owners not satisfied with OS 2.0.1 should keep an eye on the work of some hackers over at According to their latest post, a few daring members have installed Android 2.1 ripped from the Nexus One onto their DROID. Not quite ready for prime time, the image used for the installation apparently does not properly preserve file system permissions which causes some problems with the phone. Other reported issues include problems with the keyboard backlighting, unusual behavior of the landscape app drawer, and general inconsistent behaviors where the homescreens stop swiping and apps stop launching. Quite wisely, interested parties are admonished to wait for an improved [...]

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A Google Phone sanity check – December, 2009 edition

by: Michael OrylDecember 14, 2009

These Google Nexus One rumors are really picking up a full head of steam.  We’re all excited for something new, something special.  But we also need to keep our wits about us and look at what’s going on now as compared with the past.

For one, we’ve heard many, many “Google Phone” rumors over the past few years, and none have come to result in anything but a regular phone sold by carriers in the end. And while the Wall Street Journal and others talk of Google selling this Nexus One “direct to consumers”, it should be kept in mind that both the T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream and the HTC Magic are already sold by Google w/o a contract and unlocked [...]

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Nexus One Rumor Roundup – more images emerge, silly holiday game, FCC approval, and T-Mobile revealed as a supporting partner?

by: Susan ElleryDecember 14, 2009

We told you on Saturday that the rumors about the Google phone would come fast and furious and this weekend did not disappoint. To recap, we started off Friday night with the rumor that the Google phone was real and in the hands of Google employees. This revelation was partially substantiated by Google in a blog post on Saturday that explained that the California-based company was indeed dogfooding a new Android phone. The identity of the phone as the Google phone or merely a Google Experience phone was still shrouded in mystery and the subject of heated debate. The debate raged until the WSJ leaked the information that the unknown HTC phone was indeed the Google phone and was to be [...]

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