Android: Now and then (Dec 2011 to Dec 2012)

by 1 year ago

It’s been a good year for Android. Join us as we cast an eye back to December 2011 and reminisce about how far Android has come in the last 12 months. From ICS to Jelly Bean, from Galaxy S2 to Galaxy S3, and from Android Market to Google Play.

Nexus 4 stock issues caused by ‘huge demand,’ LG says

nexus 4 daydream 2
by 1 year ago

As you already know, the Google Nexus 4 is out of stock in most markets where Google is selling it via its Play Store. In case you haven’t purchased yours yet, chances to get one before Christmas aren’t looking that great, especially if you’re hoping to get one at an affordable price.

T-Mobile sets the Nexus 4’s price back to $199.99

by 1 year ago

Despite the lack of LTE radio, the back glass debate, and the Google Play Store fiasco, the Nexus 4 is still one sizzling hot commodity. With no signs of the demand slowing down anytime soon, did T-Mobile take it a step too far by selling the Nexus 4 for $399.99 with a contract?

T-Mobile Nexus 4 available again but for $399.99 with a contract

by 1 year ago

The Nexus 4 is definitely one of the hottest device to purchase this Christmas, with plenty of Android fans rushing to buy the device in various markets. Earlier today we learned that UK and Germany Google Play Stores list the 8GB Nexus 4 version as out of stock, while the 16GB model is showing ship times of 5-6 weeks. We also told you that Amazon has both Nexus 4 variants in stock, although you can expect limited supply and premium prices for the device. Now Android Police tells us that the T-Mobile Nexus 4 is also back in stock, but…