Google Music Beta Takes Your Tunes To The Cloud

by 3 years ago

At the Google I/O conference recently held in San Francisco, Google unveiled their new music delivery service called Google Music. It’s a still-in-beta cloud-based server for music across various platforms, chief of which would be Google’s own Android smartphones and tablets. If you’re a stranger to Cloud Computing, it is simply a means of minimizing the need for data and hardware to exist on client devices – instead hosting the files and powerful hardware on large cloud servers for safekeeping. It’s key advantages are basically taking away the need for massive storage or powerful hardware on devices – chief of…

Honeycomb Preview: Google Music?

by 3 years ago

Google is set to debut its new Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) operating system this week at a press event, so what does that mean for music fans and the experience of Google Music? Let’s take a look at some of the ideas floating around on what we’re likely to see, and how Android 3.0 could revolutionize your music experience. What Would You Like to See? Android 3.0 was built for tablet, as well as Android mobile phones, so we’ll get a touch screen experience with a number of different apps. Some of the apps we’ve seen and have been using will…