What do you look forward to at Google I/O this year?

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by 1 month ago

In this edition of the Friday Debate, tell us, what makes you excited about Google I/O? What are the big news you expect to see, and what’s the stuff you hope that Google will unveil? What did you like about Google I/O 2013, and hope to see again this year?

Join us in the discussion, vote in our poll, and sound off in the comments.

Android Authority On Air – Episode 64 – Google IO13 Recap

Android Authority On Air
by 1 year ago

And now that Christmas in May (at least for us Android geeks) is over, we give you a very special Android Authority On Air show: The Google IO 2013 recap. First of all, Google IO is a developer conference. We’re saw things focused towards developers and a few brag-worthy stats such as 900 Million Android activations (from 400 million last year), 48 billion app installs from the Play Store, and Chrome being the world’s most popular browser with 750 million users. The Android focus of IO was extremely exciting and amazing. You’re going to say how is this so? Google didn’t…

Google Glass for prescription eyewear seen at I/O

Credit: Engadget
by 1 year ago

Seen roaming around the floors of the Moscone Center in San Francisco, was a man wearing a peculiar piece of hardware, mounted on top of prescription glasses, is this the much vaunted Glass for prescription eyewear? Read on to find out.