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TV shows, movies, and magazines now available on Google Play

by: Ankit BanerjeeJune 28, 2012

Google I/O has been quite hectic so far, with amazing new devices such as the Nexus 7, Google’s low cost but high-end tablet, and the Nexus Q, Google’s social streaming media player. We also got a first glimpse of the next iteration of the Android OS, Android 4.1 Jellybean which will be featured on the Nexus 7 and will soon be available as an update on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Somewhat lost in the melee is the revamped Google Play Store which now has movies, TV shows, and magazines as well. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Google Play Movies and TV shows

Movies on the Play Store were already available for rent earlier, but now you [...]

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Google Glass Explorer Edition pre-order available for $1,500

by: Chris SmithJune 28, 2012

One of the topics Google shared more details about during yesterday’s keynote was Google Glasses, also known as Project Glass, or smart glasses capable of offering advanced features to users, while on the go. Essentially, Google Glasses are wearable computers and come equipped with a camera that can be used to take pictures and record videos, and a heads up display, which can be used to show relevant information during day-to-day activities. Other features include a variety of sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, compass) and radios that should come in handy.

Naturally, developers will be able to create apps specifically designed for Google [...]

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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean features and release date official – what you need to know

by: Chris SmithJune 27, 2012

Google kicked off its Google I/O developer conference just a few minutes ago and it started the whole thing talking about Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, it’s next major mobile operating system refresh.

Google revealed on stage that over 400 million devices have been activated to date, 300 million since last year’s Google I/O event, and that it currently activates 1 million devices per day, up 600,000 units compared to Google I/0 2011 – or about “12 new Android devices every second of ever day.”

Before we take a look at the main features of the new OS version we’ll point out the fact that rumors were right, Jelly Bean does refer to Android [...]

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Google Nexus 7 and Google Nexus Q spotted in Google Play reference [update]

by: Chris SmithJune 27, 2012

In less than an hour, Google I/O 2012 will start, and while we think we have a pretty good idea of what the Search giant is going to announce this week when it comes to new software and hardware, it seems that there may be an other Android gadget scheduled to be unveiled very soon that we didn’t know about.

According to Droid-Life, in addition to the Google Nexus 7 tablet, Google may unveil a second Nexus-branded device at Google I/O called Google Nexus Q. The device is apparently “some sort of a media center or player” that can be used for phone, tablet, TV or home entertainment purposes. The Nexus Q supports Google Play Music, Google [...]

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Google Nexus tablet launch confirmed by fresh image from Google I/O

by: Chris SmithJune 27, 2012

A few weeks ago during Computex 2012, Android Authority has exclusively confirmed something that was rumored for a few months, the fact that Asus will indeed make the first Google tablet, currently called the Nexus 7.

Since then we’ve seen other proof revealing that Asus and Google have partnered up to create this 7-inch affordable Kindle Fire competitor, and just recently we’ve had the chance to check out an extensive list of rumored specs and features of the device.

Earlier today a couple of reports from Bloomberg and Reuters confirmed that the Google Nexus tablet will be unveiled during Google I/O, which is something we are already [...]

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Android Jelly Bean – how to install it on your lawn, Google explains [video]

by: Chris SmithJune 27, 2012

In just a few short hours, Google will kick off its annual Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, which we will thoroughly cover for you. We have all sorts of expectations from the event, and we’re getting ready for various hardware and software announcements from Google.

While we wait, we’ll remind you that Android Jelly Bean has already been confirmed by various leaks so far, but most importantly, by Google. In preparation for this week’s announcements, the company has already adorned the lawn in front of the Building 44 inside its campus with a “shrine” dedicated to Jelly Bean.

And today we have a short video for [...]

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Google opens live stream page for its I/O conference

by: Bams SadewoJune 26, 2012

The Google I/O conference is the time of year when Google razzles and dazzles the world with the latest software and hardware announcements. Last year, we were spoiled with the introduction of Google Music and Ice Cream Sandwich, as well as the debut of Chromebooks.

This year should be no different in terms of the level of excitement, with Google expected to make some major announcements regarding Android 4.1 Jellybean and the Nexus 7 tablet, among other things that Google still keeps under wraps.

If you want to experience Google I/O conference first hand, albeit virtually, you can do so by pointing your browser to Google’s I/O Live website, where the highly [...]

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Google I/O 2012 preview – what is Google going to unveil?

by: Chris SmithJune 25, 2012

This year’s edition of Google’s annual developer conference takes place in San Francisco during June 27-29, a bit later than in previous years, when Google I/O was held at some point in May. Nevertheless, Google I/O 2012 is going to be quite interesting as we expect to see plenty of announcements during the keynotes.

We think we have a pretty good idea of what to expect this week from Google’s event, and we’re about to share it with you.

Google Nexus 7

We have exclusively confirmed a few weeks ago during Computex that Google’s first Nexus-branded tablet, and first Android tablet ever, will be made by Asus. Moreover, we have seen [...]

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Pinterest to unveil Android app at Google I/O

by: LucianJune 25, 2012

Pinterest is a fast growing social sharing website that let you “pin” various items you find online and then share them with your friends. A lot of people seem to like this new social network (especially women) and its popularity has been growing quickly lately, mostly through word of mouth.

I believe Google will be very focused on content and services with their upcoming Nexus 7 tablet that they will unveil at Google I/O two days from now. Therefore, it makes sense for Pinterest to have an app ready for the occasion, as this image leak seems to suggest:


People have even suggested that Google should buy Pinterest after Facebook [...]

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Google’s Nexus 7 details leaked ahead of Google I/O

by: LucianJune 25, 2012

By now, everyone knows about the upcoming inexpensive Google Nexus 7 tablet. The slate is made by Asus, but it’s a full-fledged Nexus device, which means that it will run the latest version of Android (Jellybean/4.1) and will receive updates straight from Google.

Well, you won’t have to wait much longer, since we’re just two days away from Google I/O, when the tablet will be unveiled together with Android 4.1 Jellybean. You should be able to get your hands on the Nexus 7 tablet from the same day (if you’re going to Google I/O) or a couple of weeks later, in July, when the tablet is set to start selling.

We now know a lot more details about this [...]

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