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Initial batches of Google Glass to be manufactured in the US

According to a Financial Times report, the first few batches of Google Glass could be manufactured in the US, at an assembly facility in Santa Clara.
by Ankit BanerjeeMarch 27, 20132

Google Glass Explorers selected, invites coming in next few days

Google Explorers has selected its winners, and Google has announced that they will be contacted via Google Plus and Twitter over the next few days.
by Bogdan BeleMarch 26, 20131

Let’s not worry about Google Glass being banned

Google Glass is happening, like it or not. Just because the technology is new, and unknown, doesn’t make it dangerous. Some consider it safer, so should we make driving with Google ...
by Nate SwannerMarch 25, 201317

Sergey Brin talks about the motivations behind Google Glass

Sergey Brin gave an unplanned talk at TED earlier this year explaining the various motivations behind Google Glass. If you missed the talk then you can catch up, as the video has now ...
by Robert TriggsMarch 25, 20131

Lawmakers want to ban use of Google Glass while driving

Lawmakers are seeking to ban the use of Google Glass while driving, citing safety concerns, especially among inexperienced drivers.
by J. Angelo RacomaMarch 24, 201312

“Stop the Cyborgs” launches campaign against Google Glass

A London-based group says Google Glass is a threat to privacy, and encourages individuals to consider the legal implications of passive recording.
by J. Angelo RacomaMarch 23, 201344

LG joins the fray, making a smartwatch and a Glass-like device

LG is joining the wearable computing race with a smartwatch of its own, and even a device that is similar to Google’s Project Glass.
by Bogdan PetrovanMarch 22, 20135

The blind can now “see” with Google Glass

A potential application for Google Glass would be helping the blind "see" through sight-to-sound implementations, vastly improved by its wearability.
by J. Angelo RacomaMarch 21, 20135

New Google Glass patent describes ways to control objects around the wearer

Google has applied for a Google Glass patent related to the device controlling objects, including a garage door, printer or refrigerator.
by Bogdan BeleMarch 21, 20136

Google’s X Lab to announce a new project “in the coming month”

Google's Astro Teller, speaking at SXSW, announced that Google's X Lab has an announcement to make "in the coming month" regarding a new discovery. Could it be the space elevator?
by Brad WardMarch 15, 20137
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