Google Fiber rocks the Kansas City broadband market

by 1 year ago

A few days ago we reported on Google Fiber Gigabit Internet and it’s expected value on the market. But we never expected anything quite like this: Kansas City, MO is now hovering at the 25th percentage mark for having all Google thresholds met. If you’ll recall, Google is requesting that fiberhoods meet certain quota before they rollout their network in a specific area. It’s being reported that eligible fiberhoods are surpassing demand and the numbers just keep rising. Keep in mind, this statistic is only for the Missouri side where apparently people can buy into such ideas. Things are not…

Google may deliver broadband for cheap to your area

by 1 year ago

  On the heels of the successful release of the much hailed Nexus 7, comes exciting news from Google: cheaper gigabit broadband coupled with TV. This may not seem like much, but to be honest, in the monopolized realm of US ISP’s, it’s big news. Google just launched its first rollout in the Midwest region and is using an old marketing trick of growing their customer base. Remember the old Gmail and Google Wave invite?  They plan to use the same idea for this new service in order for it to “go viral”. Google is asking potential customers to tell…

Google Fiber TV intends to shake up the competition

by 2 years ago

In a future article, we will go over the inherent beauty of the Google Fiber Internet plan and its forecasted undermining of the monolithic structure that is US ISP’s. In this edition, we will briefly cover one of the services the plan serves to meet, and its a large segment of the market: HDTV. Broadband TV is not a new concept, with HDTV, DVR, and the now defunct TiVO, being used for the 1st generation of Internet based streaming video. Households now have the option to watch and record, just about anything they can lay their eyes on. Google intends…

Google Fiber plans: 1 Gbps for $70, 5 Mbps Internet for free, and more

by 2 years ago

One of the most awaited projects from Google in the past few years, Google Fiber, has finally been launched. The average American consumer should be very excited about this project, because, even if Google doesn’t intend to compete with other ISPs on a national level, the service should still push ISPs to try to match Google’s speed and pricing. Seeing how US has one of the slowest and most expensive internet industry in the world, this move is a very welcome one, indeed. But why is this important to Google? Google is at a point (and has been for a…