A new announcement from Dropbox today has confirmed that the company has just reached a user base of 100 million users. This milestone was undoubtedly achieved by all of the initiatives the company has taken over the past year. Since the introduction of Google Drive, Dropbox has stepped up its game in order to keep mobile users on their services.


Until now, Google Drive and Google+ have both been services that make sharing easy, but in very different and separate ways. Now the two services have become more closely linked, with Google Drive adding the option to share anything directly to Google+.

Google Docs Sheets Slides

Google Docs, being one of the more popular cloud-based office suites available, is constantly updating. Google’s latest update is quite minor, but could have a big impact in terms of branding. From Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations, these apps are now renamed to Docs, Sheets and Slides. These apps are now available for download from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, you get easy shortcuts to the apps whenever you open a new tab on Google Chrome.


Google’s first-generation Chromebooks haven’t quite made it to the mainstream yet, but the search giant has decided not only to follow up on those devices, but also to step up its game a... bit.

The makers of the web-centric Chrome OS have upped the ante in terms of tech specs, equipping the new Chromebook with a far snappier processor than the first-generation one, but also with...