When Google announced Gmail on April 1, 2004, people thought it was a joke. What company in their right mind would offer users 1 GB of free email? Fast forward to today and we’re not being the least bit hyperbolic when we say that Gmail has become an essential part of our lives. Today Google is announcing that they’re making Gmail even better.


The Internet is used for various tasks and its longevity comes from the careful view that diversity, rather than an overlord with pruning shears, should be the sole life-force. The social experiment has been going strong for sometime now, but things may change for Iranians soon: an officials statement by a man known only as Khoramabadi, has said Google and Gmail will be blocked until further notice.


If you live in the USA and you’re worried about someone reading embarrassing emails in your Gmail inbox, you may soon be able to relax a little. In case an amendment proposed by Senate Judiciary... Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) passes, police will need a warrant to get access to your email. As it stands now, they can get it by just asking.

Introducing the ECPA

Back in 1986, email existed, bu...

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Localization is one of the things that Google does to gain popularity with international users. With 124 languages available for the main Google search product, the Mountain View, CA company is also working on bringing other services to different language.


Remember those canned replies to text messages on feature phones? This is exactly that idea, but this time, it’s for Gmail. It’s not the best answer to the problem of having little time to sit down and crafting an email, but it’s the best we have for now.

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I personally know a few people that own a 7-inch tablet (and I’m not exclusively referring to owners of the Google Nexus 7) and are dissatisfied with how their Gmail app runs and looks. Fortunately,... today I’m the bearer of a bit of news that might give these people a reason to rejoice, as Google have recently announced that they’ve updated the Gmail app for a better experience on 7-inch screens.

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With the imminent release of the Windows 8 OS, Microsoft is doing a major overhaul on its services. Next up on the chopping block is its Windows Live (or Hotmail) web-based e-mail client. In... a move designed to distance itself from the Hotmail name, Microsoft announced today a public preview of the new Outlook e-mail client, which is not just a re-design of Hotmail, but a service built c...


Hangouts has been perhaps the most innovative feature of Google+, and I think Google should capitalize on its success because it can turn out to be another one of... its products that people love to use all over the world.

To use Hangouts, you normally need a Google+ account, and you can only use it inside the Google+ website. But Google has implemented Han...


Sparrow is a Gmail client for OS X and iOS developed by a five-person team based in Paris lead by Dom Leca. The app is quite popular on the iPlatforms, thanks in part to Google’s non-combat... in this area. The Gmail app for iOS is notoriously underpowered when compared to the Android version, while Google doesn’t have a native Gmail client for OS X. This gave Sparrow a chance to seize the...