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Exclusive: Google smartwatch is real, Gmail and Maps updates incoming

Android Authority has recently spoken with sources close to Google regarding some of what i in store for us. We know, the ubiquitous “sources” moniker is tiresome, but had we not spoken ...
by Nate SwannerMay 13, 201318

Hangouts/Babel doesn’t include SMS support (yet?), Android 4.3 also mentioned in rumor update

An updated report reveals more details on the Google Babel (Hangouts) unified messaging system revealing that it may not have SMS support at launch. Read on to find out more details!
by Chris SmithMay 5, 20132

Google Babel source code leaked in Gmail

Google Babel is an upcoming unified messaging system set to replace Talk. We’ve covered many stories on the chat service, and leaked source code reveals an “Upgrade” to Babel.
by Mike StengerApril 18, 20137

Photos: Gmail 5 concept is absolutely stunning

New Gmail for Android concept renders by app designer Paul Burke will have you wanting the real thing.
by Mike StengerApril 12, 201318

Google celebrates 9 years of Gmail with infographic

Celebrating Gmail's 9th birthday, Google released an infographic that highlights the main events in Gmail's evolution.
by Chris SmithApril 10, 20131

Gmail update lets you reply, archive and delete right from notifications

Google's Gmail client for Android has now rolled out an update bringing with it several new improvements, including the ability to reply, archive or delete a message directly from the ...
by Andrew GrushMarch 18, 201310

Google pushes mobile Gmail redesign inspired by iOS app, no love for Windows Phone, though

Google has pushed its new mobile Gmail redesign, inspired by the iOS Gmail application, bringing in an improved UI, Calendar integration and more.
by J. Angelo RacomaMarch 11, 201316

Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign attacks next Google target: Gmail

Launched a few months ago to target Google Search and its apparent failure to respect user privacy, Scroogled has switched aim and is now bashing Gmail.
by Conan HughesFebruary 9, 201316

Mystery app is not the new unified messenger; it’s an internal testing app

You know that icon suggesting a unified messaging app is coming? It actually belongs to an internal testing app, says the developer that first revealed it.
by Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 6, 20132

Is Android a good business enterprise solution?

Google is making a push to be the enterprise solution of choice for business. Is it any good? It is, and your cmpany could save boatloads by switching.
by Nate SwannerFebruary 5, 20135
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