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2 articles

Android 4.3 hints present in Gmail UI redesign presentation video?

A promo video showing the new Gmail UI updates may contain a hint that Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is coming soon. Check it out!
by Chris SmithMay 29, 20131

The new Gmail is here!

The new design is meant to keep you organized above all. For those of us who have several accounts feeding into one inbox, this could prove to be very helpful. This will also be useful ...
by Nate SwannerMay 29, 20138

Rumor: New Gmail UI launching on Wednesday

New reports seem to confirm that Gmail is indeed getting a UI redesign, with Google reportedly planning to unveil the changes in a few days. Read on to find out more details!
by Chris SmithMay 26, 20131

Gmail reportedly receiving new tab-based user interface for web and mobile version

The web version of Gmail is said to receive a new tab-based user interface at some point in the future. The Gmail mobile app is also expected to be updated accordingly. Read on for more ...
by Chris SmithMay 25, 20137

GMail and Calendar redesign leaked in I/O session video

First, it’s a lot like the other apps Google has recently updated. Full screen, with a slide out menu from the left. The bottom bar is missing, in favor of that slide-out screen. Does ...
by Nate SwannerMay 24, 20133

Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos combine storage for easier management

Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ photos will start offering combined storage to users, in order to make their storage quotas easier to manage. Read on to find out what the changes are.
by Bogdan BeleMay 14, 20134

Exclusive: Google smartwatch is real, Gmail and Maps updates incoming

Android Authority has recently spoken with sources close to Google regarding some of what i in store for us. We know, the ubiquitous “sources” moniker is tiresome, but had we not spoken ...
by Nate SwannerMay 13, 201318

Hangouts/Babel doesn’t include SMS support (yet?), Android 4.3 also mentioned in rumor update

An updated report reveals more details on the Google Babel (Hangouts) unified messaging system revealing that it may not have SMS support at launch. Read on to find out more details!
by Chris SmithMay 5, 20132

Google Babel source code leaked in Gmail

Google Babel is an upcoming unified messaging system set to replace Talk. We’ve covered many stories on the chat service, and leaked source code reveals an “Upgrade” to Babel.
by Mike StengerApril 18, 20137

Photos: Gmail 5 concept is absolutely stunning

New Gmail for Android concept renders by app designer Paul Burke will have you wanting the real thing.
by Mike StengerApril 12, 201318
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