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Google acquires Emu, one of the best smart messaging services around

by: Edgar CervantesAugust 6, 2014
Google's list of acquisitions extends to lengthy measures intervals, but their latest purchase happens to be a very interesting and exciting one.
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Gmail makes it easy to unsubscribe from pesky email newsletters

by: Edgar CervantesAugust 6, 2014
The newest Gmail feature is simple, yet amazingly effective - an unsubscribe link has been added right next to the email sender information.
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Google makes Gmail more global by supporting non-latin and accented characters

by: Edgar CervantesAugust 5, 2014
Google is aiming to shorten the distance between cultures by adding better character support to Gmail. Non-latin and accented characters are now supported!
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Gmail update brings ability to insert Drive files in-line, smarter autocomplete

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 10, 2014
The main feature in the update is the new ability to insert a file from your Drive account into the email, so the recipient can click on it and be taken to the Drive version.
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Google launches stock Email app in the Play Store

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 19, 2014
For a while now, Google has been breaking pieces of functionality from stock Android and releasing them as standalone apps in the Play Store. Now it’s time for the Email app that ships with all stock devices to make its Play Store debut.
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Google Now can now suggest calendar events based on your emails

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 13, 2014
Google is continuing its quest to turn Now into a truly helpful virtual assistant, with the latest update bringing the ability to offer event suggestions based on the content of your emails.
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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Google Play Weekly

by: Joe HindyMay 30, 2014
This week we talk about more Google apps redesigns, a new Galaxy S5 feature, some app stats, Watch Dogs, and more Android apps you shouldn't miss this week!
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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Google Play Weekly

by: Joe HindyMay 23, 2014
In this week's Google Play Weekly, we talk about lots of things Google did, how root apps have some troubles ahead, and 5 more Android apps you can't miss!
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Save to Drive and other improvements with updated Gmail app

by: Jonathan FeistMay 19, 2014
Google is pushing out an update to the Gmail app for Android devices starting this afternoon. Gmail version 4.8 brings a handful of updates to the UI, performance improvements, the ability to save attachments directly to Drive and more.
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Google researching ways to add PGP encryption to Gmail

by: Gary SimsApril 22, 2014
A Google employee has let it slip that Google is researching ways to streamline the use of PGP/GPG with Gmail. Google has "research underway to improve the usability of PGP with Gmail,” said the employee.
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