Fourth-gen Google Nexus smartphone coming by the end of the year?

by 2 years ago

  The Google Nexus 7 is out in stores and it’s selling like hot cakes. We’ve seen this happen before when the Kindle Fire was launched – an affordable device ready to offer plenty of features and lots of digital content choices to tablet buyers. But now the Nexus 7 is the king of 7-inch tablets, considering what it has to offer in terms of both hardware and software. Sure, Amazon will come out with a new Kindle Fire version, and Apple is rumored to bring out of hiding its 7.85-inch iPad Mini later this year, at which point the…

Sony admits that Gingerbread is a disadvantage for them in the retail stores

by 2 years ago

I still don’t feel Sony is where it should be in the mobile world. Sony Ericsson used to be one of the very best, up there with Nokia, but I guess both of them fell behind badly once the touchscreen smartphone revolution appeared. They were also slow to recognize that a touchscreen smartphone is as much about the hardware (especially its processor) as it is about the software. I do think they are catching up in many ways in both hardware, and also software, having recognized that upgrades are important for users. But even though they may not be the…

Latest Android Distribution chart confirms slow, but steady progress for ICS, now holding 7% market share

Android distribution
by 2 years ago

It’s the beginning of a new month, and Android lovers all know what that means. Google has updated its Android Distribution chart to show data collected during the last two weeks of May, and, while there aren’t major changes to report compared with the chart from last month, we are glad to see ICS steadily growing. The latest (and greatest, say some) version of Android now powers 7% of all Google-based devices, up from 4.9% a month ago. Back in April, Android 4.0 only had 2.9% market share, so we can say the share of the latest version of Android…