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General Mobile DSTL1’s Dual-SIM feature in screen shots

by: Michael OrylJune 4, 2009

General Mobile DSTL1 dual-SIM support

Earlier today General Mobile sent us a bunch of screen shots from its DSTL1 Android powered smartphone.  While the pictures don’t show any 3rd party applications running, you can see how the Android OS itself looks on the WQVGA (240×400 pixel) display that the device uses, as opposed to the half-VGA (480×320 pixel) displays used on the G1 and Magic.

From what I can tell, so far, so good.

In most all of the screen shots in the gallery, found after the jump, you can see dual signal strength meters as well as other dual-SIM functionality, such as defining separate ringtones for each [...]

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General Mobile show off the DSTL1 at Computex 2009

by: James TromansJune 3, 2009

Chinese website Zol has caught General Mobile’s DSTL1 Android smartphone on camera at the Computex 2009 conference. We reported on this device a while back, but to refresh your memory, this device ships with 4GB of storage memory for all your top-notch pictures taken on its 5MP camera. All these will be viewable on the 3inch touch screen. However, the selling factor to most will be the dual-SIM functionality offered by this phone.

Other websites are claiming that there is no news on release date, but as far as we’re concerned there is; we expect the DSTL1 to go on sale in the U.S. and in parts of Europe at the end of this month (June). Also, if the camera is a deciding factor [...]

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General Mobile DSTL1 sample 5 megapixel photos

by: Michael OrylMay 27, 2009

General Mobile just sent us a few sample photos shot with its upcoming DSTL1 smartphone.  The DSTL1 sports a 5 megapixel autofocus camera that is made by Sony.  The images the company sent us are not too exciting, but you can get a feel for what to expect from a production device.

The colors look pretty reasonable in the 3 outdoor shots, and sharpness is nice.  It’s hard to tell if the bokeh in the background out of focus detail is real, or an after-effect of some sort of digital processing.  In either event, it’s not unattractive at all to my eyes.  We had to reduce the size of the images to 75% for our system to process them properly, but I’ve included one [...]

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General Mobile DSTL1 powered by Android Cupcake, on sale in U.S. and Turkey in June

by: Michael OrylMay 27, 2009

General Mobile DSTL1

General Mobile just contacted us and has informed us that it plans on offering its dual-SIM Android powered DSTL1 smartphone for sale in the U.S. and Turkey at the end of June.

The DSTL1 will be running the Android 1.5 (Cupcake) OS and features a 624MHz CPU, dual-SIM capability, a 5 megapixel camera with flash (made by Sony), and one of Sharp’s resistive touchscreen displays (WQVGA resolution, probably 400×240 pixels).  An FM radio, Bluetooth 2.0, and WiFi are also on board, and it provides 4GB of storage capacity thanks to an included microSD card (16GB cards supported).  A leather case, an extra battery, and a desktop [...]

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General Mobile DSTL1 seen Live

by: Nicholas AhnFebruary 18, 2009

Engadget Mobile has gotten a first-look at the General Mobile DSTL1.  Earlier, we reported  that General Mobile had plans to release a dual-sim Android phone with a 5 megapixel camera.  The lack of the five required hardware buttons for Android almost suggested that the device would never become a reality.  Now, a live demo have shown that the device is indeed a reality.

Here are some specs that we were able to pull from the video.

WQVGA LCD display 5MPcamera dual SIM (appears to support both at the same time) 4GB memory built in 624MHz processor videochat via a proprietary app (face-to-face) tri-band EDGE with WiFi (a separate US and European version)

The [...]

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General Mobile showing dual-SIM DSTL1 Android phone at Mobile World Congress

by: Michael OrylJanuary 27, 2009

General Mobile DSTL1

We just received a note from cell phone manufacturer General Mobile telling us that it plans on showing off the world’s first dual-SIM capable Android powered phone at the 2009 Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona next month.

The phone, called the DSTL1, is shown in a few renderings in the gallery below.  Astute readers will note that the button configuration on the phone, as shown, won’t fly for Android.  Android phones currently need 5 hardware buttons in order to work (home, back, menu, call send, call end).  General Mobile says that the front of the phone will change from what is shown in the renderings in [...]

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