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Qualcomm predicts 5 billion smartphones to be sold by 2016, is that even possible?

by: AdrianNovember 17, 2012
How much further can the mobile market be pushed in a world with seven billion people and six billion subscriptions? A whole lot, according to Qualcomm, who’s predicting a whopping 5 billion smartphones to be sold between 2012 and 2016.
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Lantern by Green House powers devices via USB, runs on salt water

by: Joe HindySeptember 13, 2012
A lantern, known as GH-LED10WBW, that is being released by Green House runs on nothing but salt water. Additionally, it offers up the ability to power your devices via an included USB port.
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White House seeks to “technologize” the governmental process

by: nathanSeptember 5, 2012
When people think of government, particularly American, we tend to think of slow paced bureaucracy and "paper-and-pen" processes. While this is still inherently true, the current administration is seeking to change the face of government into one which is more agile and adapts quicker to 21st Century needs.
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General Mobile StoreOid app store preview

by: Michael OrylJuly 12, 2010

General Mobile StoreOid

For those of you looking for a non-Google source of applications for your Android powered smartphone, General Mobile recently started showing off its StoreOid app store. While it is to come pre-installed on General Mobile’s own Android powered devices, the store will function on just about any Android 1.6 or later smartphone once it is released to the general public.

I tested it out on a few Android 2.1 devices, such as the LG Ally and DROID Incredible, and it worked fine. To give you an idea what it looks like, however, I thought it fitting to shoot photos of it running on General Mobile’s own DSTL1 device [...]

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General Mobile shows COSMOS, its new Android 2.0 device

by: Michael OrylDecember 31, 2009

General Mobile COSMOS

I just received a bit of New Year’s Eve cheer from my friends at General Mobile.  I now have some decent specs and photos for GM’s second Android powered smartphone, the General Mobile COSMOS.

The specs for the COSMOS, below, are much better than those of the DSTL1 that General Mobile released earlier this year.

Android 2.0 (Eclair) 900/1900/2100MHz UMTS/HSDPA 850/900/1800/1900MHz GSM/EDGE Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0 w/A2DP, GPS 3.2-inch 320 x 480 HVGA capacitive touchscreen w/accelerometer 5 megapixel autofocus camera 256MB flash, 128MB SDRAM, microSD card slot (16GB max) 1500mAh battery FM radio, USB [...]
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General Mobile previews its new App store: “STOREOID”

by: Michael OrylDecember 18, 2009

STOREOID payment

General Mobile has sent me a number of images of the new application store that it plans to roll out for its Android powered smartphones.  The store is going to be called “STOREOID”.

Eh.  Not so sure about the name, but at least the application itself looks nice.

These screen shots are from a WQVGA display, such as found on General Mobile’s DSTL1, but the store will work at the other resolutions offered by its future phones, too.

I’ll be meeting up with the company in Barcelona this February for the Mobile World Congress event.  General Mobile will be in Hall 7 this year, for those of you [...]

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General Mobile DSTL1 gets Android 1.6 Donut firmware update

by: Michael OrylDecember 7, 2009

General Mobile DSTL1 running Android 1.6

General Mobile has released an Android 1.6 (Donut) update for its DSTL1 Android smartphone.  The release adds proper support for the phone’s WVGA resolution resistive touchscreen display, and even features a number of homescreen and notification area UI tweaks.

You can get more information about the update at the General Mobile website.

Here are some of the improvements offered by the update.  You’ll find more specs and a gallery of screen shots from an updated DSTL1 after the jump.

Added Bluetooth send function Improved Android virtual keyboard Improved 7-panel homescreen with new [...]
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General Mobile talks of its next Android smartphone

by: Michael OrylNovember 5, 2009

I just got an email from my contact at General Mobile, and he wanted to give me some information on his company’s next Android smartphone.  While he didn’t reveal a name to me just yet, I did get a look at a decent spec sheet.

Marvell PXA935 CPU (Tavor P65) HSDPA/WCDMA/EDGE/GPRS/GSM for up to 3.6Mbps downloads Android OS 1.6 Donut, upgradeable to 2.0 5.0 MP AF camera (same as in the DSTL1) 3.2-inch HVGA (320 x 480 pixel) capacitive touchscreen Bluetooth 2.0 WiFi 802.11b/g 256MB NAND + 128MB DDR, microSD cards up to 16GB Trackball controller GPS and electronic compass FM radio 1500mAh battery

Sounds like a pretty good upgrade from the capabilities of the DSTL1, [...]

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General Mobile DSTL1 Imaginary video review and gallery

by: Michael OrylSeptember 2, 2009

General Mobile DSTL1

As you probably know, I finally received my General Mobile DSTL1 the other day.  It’s a pretty nice device with dual-SIM GSM support.  I’m not going to post a real nitty-gritty detailed review right now, because I simply don’t have the time, but I have shot a pair of videos and a photo gallery (all after the jump) that, with some of my notes, will give you the important details.

For starters, I like the device overall.  It’s fun, like most any Android phone.  I find no problems with the resistive touchscreen display, in spite of the fact that everybody seems to whine about how much better capacitive [...]

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Unboxing Video: General Mobile DSTL1

by: Michael OrylSeptember 1, 2009

General Mobile DSTL1

Yeah, that’s right.  My General Mobile DSTL1 finally arrived today.  I’m still playing around with it, getting the lay of its dual-SIM land, but so far I’m pretty pleased with it.

For now, until I get time to put together some more in-depth videos of the device, here’s a simple unboxing and initial startup of the DSTL1, so you can get an idea of what to expect.

Update: don’t miss the review videos and photo gallery, either.

Video after the jump:

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