Gartner reports Q3 gains for Android and Samsung as Nokia struggles

by 1 year ago

Gartner’s report on Q3 2012 reveals that worldwide smartphones sales are up nearly 50 percent on the same quarter last year. We all know who sold most of them right? Samsung and Apple account for 46.5 percent of the smartphone market and the Android platform claimed a 72.4 percent market share.

Android Continues to Dominate – Passed 50% of Global Market Share

by 2 years ago

A report has just come out of the famous¬†research firm Gartner, that says¬†that¬†in the last quarter¬†of 2011, sales of Android smartphones¬†exceeded¬†50% market share globally.¬†Although¬†Google¬†has suffered¬†a slight decline in market share, sales¬†from the same¬†period last year increased from 30.5% to nearly 51% in Q4 2011, further gaining on its rival, Apple’s iOS. Symbian has been losing ground¬†rapidly¬†since¬†Nokia¬†gave up¬†the operating system¬†in favor of¬†Windows Mobile. However, Microsoft¬†did not receive¬†more than¬†1.9¬†percent,¬†overtaken¬†even by¬†Bada which received¬†2.1% of¬†sales.¬† Samsung, as ¬†the most ‘valuable’ representative of¬†Android¬†phones, can be attributed for the high sales ratio in¬†the¬†second¬†half of 2011. Samsung sold about¬†92 million devices in the last quarter.¬†The customer appreciation…