Google patent details indicate Google Glass(es) may use hand gestures

Google Glass Patent Diagram
by 2 years ago

  Augmented vision is a staple of sci-fi movies, like Terminator or Battlestar Galactica, to name just a couple. But the future of augmented reality may be closer than you think! Earlier this week Google was granted three patents for their Google Glass augmented reality glasses. These patents, detailed by Patent Bolt, go a long way towards shedding some light on just how the glasses will be controlled by users. It was previously believed that the glasses might be primarily controlled by head gestures, as hinted in the example video Google produced on the Glass project. Details from the patents…

Control your Android device while skiing with the new Neva smart ski pole

by 2 years ago

No matter if you’re a professional or an amateur skier, you probably know that hitting the slopes often means forgetting all about technology and avoiding any gadget that you use on a regular basis. But what if you simply can’t let go of your smartphone for that hour or those couple of hours when it should be all about you, the snow and the slope? Well, you can risk it, take your handheld with you and try answering it while “in action”. Nine out of ten times, you will either fall and hurt yourself, get water or lose your phone…

Seraku shows off Smart Wash Basin, an Android-operated LCD screen/mirror

android mirror
by 2 years ago

While we know that most concepts and prototypes shown at expositions and trade shows have little to no chance to ever getting into actual production, it’s still fun to look at innovative gadgets of all kinds. The latest such innovation that will probably never see the light of day comes from Japanese company Seraku and is called the Smart Wash Basin. Controlled by an Android tablet from behind the scenes, the Smart Wash Basin is a “mirror” that could be installed in bars and restaurants, allowing you to read news, check the weather, or do other things, all while washing…

Meet the PhoneEasy 740, the world’s simplest Android phone!

PhoneEasy 740
by 2 years ago

Those of you passionate about high-end technology and the coolest and snappiest smartphones around are probably not familiar with Doro, a Swedish telco focused on manufacturing and selling simple, easy-to-use products for seniors. The latest device to be unveiled by Doro is probably their most interesting ever, as it combines Android’s functionality with an easy to use interface and pretty decent hardware. The PhoneEasy 740 is still in the last stages of pre-production, but the manufacturers are hoping to iron out all the little kinks in time for a US release before the end of the summer. Sascha Segan from…

What’s that in your shoe? It’s a phone charger!

by 2 years ago

Our bodies create and use a ton of energy, and it could be going to better places, like, uh, your Android phone! If Cinderella were to live in the 21st century, she probably wouldn’t be very happy to hear what we are going to tell you today. 24-year-old Anthony Mutua from Kenya has developed an ultra-thin chip of crystals that can charge mobile phones when placed in shoe soles and the technology is set to go into mass production soon enough. The chip, once installed into a regular shoe, generates electricity when you step on it, and can be harvested…

Microsoft playing dirty again, plans to ban Firefox on ARM-based Windows 8 PCs and tablets

firefox vs internet explorer
by 2 years ago

Although for many it might be a model worth following, Microsoft has a longstanding tradition of not only discouraging competition, but trying to eliminate it by any means possible. That includes dirty, unorthodox, and sometimes even illegal moves through which they’ve managed to monopolize the desktop operating system market, and, for a long while back in the ‘90s and early ‘2000s, the browser market. Internet Explorer was practically the only browsing solution users could possibly “choose” until 2004, when Mozilla launched Firefox. Not only was the browsing market situation unhealthy and unnatural, but as history has proven, it also delayed…

Wondering why Facebook is so focused on mobile? Here’s a possible answer

by 2 years ago

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and one of the youngest billionaires in the world, shocked us all when he announced that Facebook would purchase Instagram for $1 billion. The deal went through immediately, and, while most industry pundits saw it as the action of an eccentric, wealthy young man, the acquisition might have been part of a well-thought “strategy” after all. At least that’s what financial analysts are claiming after reviewing the results of a very interesting ComScore report. According to the report, people actually spend more time on Facebook on their mobile devices over than their PCs. The study was…

MIT creates glare-free, self cleaning super glass, to be used on smartphone screens in the future

MIT glass
by 2 years ago

While mobile phones and technology in general has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years, sending users on paths that was the stuff of dreams a while back, there are still many serious problems that smartphone manufacturers have to address. Smartphone screens, while significantly sturdier and brighter than a few years ago, are still a pretty big hassle for users to use in direct sunlight and they are also fingerprint and dirt magnets. Fortunately, scientists are working on a type of glass that could prove a boon for smartphone manufacturers and that could enter production in a…

Huawei is aiming high with research focusing on touch-free mobile technology and infinite cloud storage

Touch free technology
by 2 years ago

Virtually unknown in the United States and Europe until last year, Huawei has certainly stepped up its game lately, announcing the release of the world’s thinnest smartphone, the Ascend P1 S and the most powerful handheld worldwide, the Ascend D Quad, powered by the company’s own quad-core processor. However, the Chinese electronics company seems to really be aiming high (and wide), with recent research and development concentrated on touch-free technology. “We are focused on disruptive technology and taking interesting ideas and turning them into something exciting.” said John Roese, general manager for Huawei’s North American research and development center a…

Boston will host the first smartphone rail ticketing system in the US this fall

ticketing system
by 2 years ago

Everyone who’s been traveling by train in the US lately knows how much of a hassle it is to get a ticket and how inconvenient the whole process is in most stations. If you’re lucky enough to have ticket vending machines at your local station, they are often flooded by commuters, which means wasted time and the risk to lose the train. There are also many stations where you cannot find vending machines, so you have to buy your tickets directly on the train, which is even more troublesome and time-consuming. However, if you happen to live in Boston, own a…