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The race is on for flexible, wearable technology

June 9, 2014
While it might sound far off, flexible wearable tech arguably is the future. With that in mind, it's worth taking a look at what our beloved industry might look like come 2025, and what it is going to take to get us there.
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Ostendo is working on a Hologram chip for smartphones

June 3, 2014
Ostendo has spent the past nine years quietly working on miniature projectors designed to emit videos and 3D images for smartphones and larger screens.
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Graphene based transparent memory brings us one step closer to futuristic transparent devices

April 24, 2014
Korean researchers have developed a graphene based transparent memory manufacturing technique for future transparent mobile devices.
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StoreDot promises 30 second phone charging by 2016

April 7, 2014
An Israeli startup is developing a technology that will make it possible to charge a smartphone in 30 seconds. Commercial deployment is expected within three years.
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Facebook acquires Oculus for $2 billion

March 25, 2014
Facebook just took one step closer to making the world of Ready Player One a reality by acquiring Oculus for $2 billion. Read on for more!
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Graphene: the next big thing in mobile displays?

February 5, 2014
With growing interest in flexible display technology, manufacturers are in need of more resilient materials. Graphene looks to be one of the most promising candidates, and could be the breakthrough that brings flexible displays to the masses.
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Google is developing smart contact lenses that monitor blood sugar

January 17, 2014
Google’s latest moonshot is a smart contact lens that diabetics can use to monitor their blood sugar levels.
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Samsung Galaxy S5 concept video borrows iPhone 5s features

December 30, 2013
A new concept video for the Samsung Galaxy S5 shows what Samsung’s next phone could be like if it takes a couple features from the iPhone 5s and iterates on them. Read on for more!
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Video: Samsung imagines a weird and wonderful display-centric world

December 27, 2013
Displays everywhere, from your coffee cup to the wall of your bedroom: Samsung imagines a display-centric world where every surface is a window to the world.
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An app that turns smartphones into accurate 3D scanners is in development

December 10, 2013
Two-dimensional images are so last century. Researchers from Switzerland’s Federal Institute of Technology are working to add the third dimension to images taken with regular smartphone cameras.
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