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Google Maps goes indoors to show you various locations in France

September 26, 2012

It appears as though Google Maps is beginning its next step forward. While Apple Maps is currently in the biggest-internet-joke-of-the-week phase of their development, Google Maps has been working on something else. Namely, indoor navigation for various places in France.

Google Maps has done the whole indoors thing before. Floor plans are already available for 20 United States museums and several other locations. It’s nice to see Google continuing their indoor campaign.

For now, the new indoor locations in France include several major airports, shopping centers, and museums. More specifically, the La La Géode, FNAC, Carrefour, and various other places. This is [...]

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Sony’s Xperia T now on sale in the UK, France, and Germany

September 24, 2012
If you’re smitten by the Xperia T – perhaps after seeing that unboxing video that we just posted – and can’t wait to buy it, it looks like several stores are selling Sony’s latest flagship model early. Those in the UK, France, and Germany can get their wallet out now.
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Google brings Nexus 7 to France, Germany, and Spain

August 27, 2012
European folks, you can stop booking plane tickets to London to grab the Nexus 7 –if you can find one in physical stores, that is -- as Google has announced that the Asus-made tablet is now on sale in more countries in the region.
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1 million NFC Android handsets sold in France, but they have little use

June 24, 2012

More and more smartphones will come with support for NFC technology in the future – short for near field communication – as companies such as Google, Microsoft, wireless carriers and others become more interested in offering NFC features including mobile payments to their customers.

A new report from Fierce Wireless reveals that NFC adoption is on the rise in Europe as well, with over 1 million NFC-enabled handsets sold in less than two years. The technology is supported by four carriers in the region, including Orange, SFR (Vodafone), Bouygues Telecom and NRJ Mobile, which hope to have around 2.5 million NFC-ready smartphones in use [...]

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Samsung i5800 Galaxy 3 Android phone launched as Naos and Teos

July 7, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Naos

Oui oui!  Samsung launched the i5800 Galaxy 3 smartphone in France today as the Galaxy Naos and the Galaxy Teos.  Both handsets include:

Android 2.1 with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI 3.2-inch WQVGA 400×240 capacitive touchscreen display 3 megapixel camera/camcorder 667MHz processor 3G HSDPA WiFi aGPS 1500mAh battery and a microSD card slot 113.5 x 55 x 12.4mm, 105g TouchWiz user interface

The Galaxy Naos will be offered by Orange France in either black or white and the Galaxy Teos will be headed elsewhere in France.  More photos after the jump.

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HTC Magic to receive Android 2.2

June 23, 2010

HTC Magic

France’s second largest largest carrier, SFR, have announced that customers with the HTC Magic will receive an update to Android 2.2, aka Froyo. The news comes via their blog, and it also states that (unsurprisingly) the Google Nexus One will also get this update.

The main thing of note having read this announcement is that the newer devices such as the HTC Wildfire and the HTC Legend have gone unmentioned. These are newer devices but there is no word on whether they too will receive the aforementioned update.

Right now we can only assume that they will, but SFR have failed to announce it yet. Check out the original posting here [...]

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Samsung ‘Galaxy’ i7500 to be released in France during July

May 19, 2009

We’re hearing noises that the Samsung i7500 will enter the European market in France as the Samsung Galaxy. Shipping in slightly behind schedule, French consumers will be able to grab the i7500 Galaxy in early July and not in June. Things remain a little confusing however, as O2 Germany were meant to release this gem in June and there is no word from them over the claims by France’s Bouygues Telecom stating that they will be the first in Europe to launch this device

A quick recap reveals why so much attention is thrown towards this device. The 5MP camera and the 3.2 touch screen AMOLED display are really just the icing on the cake. The component under the hood are just as [...]

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Orange rumoured to release 6 Android devices in 2009

March 26, 2009

Sometimes we struggle to make posts which we feel are stretching things somewhat. This one is such a case. According to a French website called Mobinaute, Orange France is set to release a slew of Android handsets this year; six to be precise. It is very important to note that the source of this information is in question and we have no way of assuring its validity. This makes us rather skeptical about the exact figures.

The source even goes on to say that the six Android handsets will be from no less than five different brands of manufacturer, including Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, Samsung, and HTC. Notice that there was no word on Acer and the A1? Rumours contesting rumours, [...]

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Orange France to offer HTC Dream tomorrow for 99 euros

March 4, 2009

HTC Dream advert (photo credit:

According to French site, Orange France has just confirmed that it will begin offering the HTC Dream starting tomorrow.  This will mark the first time that the device has been sold by a carrier other than T-Mobile, which markets it as the T-Mobile G1.

It appears that the Dream will be offered with a number of different tariffs and that it will cost 99 EUR (US$124.47) after rebates.    If there is anybody out there that would like to read through this French post for me and write out the details in a comment, below, that would be great.

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