Qualcomm inked a deal with Sharp earlier this week that says they’ll own as much as 5% of the company if the Japanese display maker can get back to good health. According to Retuers, Hon Hai, better known as Foxconn, is still interested in investing in Sharp, despite the fact that Foxconn signed a deal with the American chip designer.


There are some things you can rely on, like your bread always landing butter side down if you drop it, and there are some things you can’t, like being able to get a taxi actually when you need one. There are also news sources that you can rely on, say like the BBC (and Android Authority) and there are those who you need to think twice about before quoting. A story has broken which says that sources close to Foxconn reckon that the big Chinese manufacturer has orders from Microsoft and Amazon for smartphone production.


Once upon a time, HTC was a company that did nothing but build phones and then slap someone else’s logo on them. They figured out that they could make more money if they took a risk and developed their own brand, and thus HTC smartphones were born. Today Foxconn builds smartphones for Nokia, Sony, Motorola, and even Apple. According to DigiTimes, who has a track record that’s about 50/50 when it comes to rumors, Foxconn is thinking of pulling the same move HTC did over half a decade ago.


Unless the name of the device starts with the word Nexus and ends with a Q, it is likely that your gadgets are made and assembled in the Far East. Then again, some... good parts of the Nexus Q are not really made in America.

In the past, there were some horror stories about Foxconn, one of the world’s biggest electronic components manufacturers, whose major...