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The New York Times selects Flipboard as its first premium content partner

by: Bams SadewoJune 25, 2012

In a bid to become the de facto newsreader app in the mobile industry, Flipboard has struck a deal with one of the world’s most renowned publications, the New York Times — making it the first major publisher to make its full content available on Flipboard.

You can probably tell that there’s a “but” coming, as the entire content of the newspaper will be accessible only for the paper’s digital subscribers, which includes articles, video, blog posts and more. Non-subscribers, as is the case with the iPhone and Android apps of the NYT, will only get access to several top stories.

Nevertheless, the deal will  give a huge boost for the start-up company, and it [...]

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Flipboard officially launches for Android, comes with Google+ and YouTube integration

by: LucianJune 22, 2012

Flipboard, like Instagram, held off for a very long time from coming to Android, and it was unfortunate, because Flipboard is one of the apps that people like most on iOS. At the same time, it’s one of the most popular newsreader apps out there, thanks to the innovative way it shows content from social networks and other sources.

Thanks to Samsung, Flipboard came exclusively with the Galaxy S3, although unofficially this exclusivity was short lived, thanks to a leaked APK file. After a short beta period, Flipboard developers have officially launched an Android app that is available in the Play Store for everyone.

Google made an offer to buy the [...]

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Flipboard to get Google+ integration

by: Derek RossJune 19, 2012

Bradley Horowitz, Vice President of Product Management for Google+ made an exciting announcement today at the LeWeb conference in London. He announced that Android newcomer, Flipboard,  is slated to join the ranks of Buddy Media, Hootsuite, Context Optional, Hearsay Social, Involver, and Virtue as a Google+ trusted partner.

If you aren’t aware, Flipboard is a top, unique news reader application previously exclusive to iOS. Flipboard creates beautifully designed, personalized magazines for all your news fed content. Flipboard comes with support for many popular news websites from around the web. On top of that, you can integrate existing services you use such as [...]

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Flipboard for Android comes out in beta, available for download now

by: Bams SadewoMay 31, 2012

Hi, there Samsung Galaxy S3 owners! Assuming stores ran out of the Pebble Blue model, how are you enjoying the Flipboard app on your Marble White Galaxy S3? The social magazine app may have been designated as an exclusive for the S3, but fortunately, the ever so resourceful XDA devs have made the APK available on other Android phones and tablets.

The unofficial Flipboard app doesn’t run perfectly, namely there’s the issue of slow loading of content, no landscape support, and zooming is MIA. But it’s enough to satisfy the curiosity that many Android users have over the app, which found its stardom on iOS devices.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask when we can expect [...]

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Leaked Flipboard app for Android gets OTA update, better performance and stability

by: AdrianMay 14, 2012

Flipboard, probably the most popular news and social aggregation app for iOS, was due to get an Android version for a pretty long time. After what was for many an excruciating wait, the app was announced as available exclusively with the Samsung Galaxy S3 last week. That would’ve meant an additional couple of weeks to see Flipboard’s full Android debut and another few weeks (or even months) to see the app hit other phones or tablets.

Fortunately, Android is by definition an open ecosystem, so the “exclusive” app got leaked just a couple of days after its initial announcement. The APK file was made available by the good guys at XDA-developers for pretty much [...]

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Quick Review: Flipboard for Android

by: SamMay 11, 2012

We recently told you that the Samsung Galaxy S3 version of the iOS favourite FlipBoard had been extracted and posted online. I’ve grabbed it off of XDA and tried it out on a Samsung Galaxy S2, an Asus Transformer, an HTC One X and an HTC Desire HD.

So, let me share my experiences with you.

Everything works

The first thing I should mention is that everything in the application works, this ranges from the namesake swiping between news posts to signing into Twitter. The initial set-up of an account and selecting news genres is easy, and from there you are shown the homepage, the screenshot below is of the landing page on the Galaxy S2.

Once you [...]

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Flipboard Samsung Galaxy S3 exclusive no more – dev hacks it, liberates it for all Androids

by: Bams SadewoMay 9, 2012

So much for the Flipboard app exclusivity on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Barely a week after the big announcement, one member of XDA-developers forum that goes by the nickname Valcho, has managed to extract the APK file of the social news magazine app out from the Samsung Galaxy S3 – making it available to install on other Android devices several weeks before its official outing.

Since the particular APK was probably made specifically to run on the Samsung Galaxy S3, we can expect that the app itself wont run perfectly. From what we can see from the feedback so far, it appears Flipboard works great on many Android phones and tablets, with the widget functioning well, [...]

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Flipboard available exclusively on Samsung Galaxy S3, other Android devices to follow soon

by: Bams SadewoMay 7, 2012

It wouldn’t be a complete introduction of a flagship device if there wasn’t anything exclusive attached to it. Otherwise, we’d have a ho-hum device to offer you, and frankly, that’s not what we are about here at Android Authority. As for the Samsung Galaxy S3, we’ve learnt that owners of this super phone will get free storage of up to 50GB. Fabulous, yes? As for something really exclusive, it appears Samsung has partnered with Flipboard to make the social magazine app available strictly on the Galaxy S3.

Flipboard, as its tagline suggested, is the newest way of reading news and various publications, as well as getting social updates from all of your friends — [...]

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