The state of AMOLED 2014 and beyond

Flexible OLED Displasy Samsung CES 2014
by 6 months ago

Appetite for AMOLED displays has been steadily growing since 2010, but the industry could be at risk from a saturated high-end smartphone market. We explore what the future holds for AMOLED display technology.

Samsung Galaxy Round review: a glimpse of a distant horizon

Samsung Galaxy Round Hands On AA  (8 of 19)
by 7 months ago

Even if the Round is not the game-changer we’ve been hoping for, it’s still a really interesting device. It comes with top of the line specs and all of Samsung’s software features, but also with a price tag to match. Should you buy it, provided you can get your hands on one? Is the Round worth the investment, curved screen aside? Join us as we find out in our Samsung Galaxy Round review.

LG G Flex review: beyond the curved screen

lg g flex profile
by 7 months ago

Is the LG G Flex a great phone? When the novelty factor wears off, will you be pleased with its build quality, performance, and user experience? We try to answer these and more questions in our LG G Flex review

Samsung patents rear touch control for future devices with transparent displays

Samsung transparent display patent
by 7 months ago

Samsung was recently granted a patent for a smartphone with a transparent display with both front and back-touch. The Samsung patent takes display technology beyond flexible displays and into the realm of science-fiction by putting a see-through display on a smartphone. The patent describes several ways that users might interact with a smartphone with a transparent display, which fluctuate between a replacement for the AirView feature of the Galaxy Note 3 and the back-touch features of the PlayStation Vita. Many of the uses of the transparent display outlined in the patent seem to solve the problem of having a finger…