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Samsung’s third quarter profits forecast to hit new low

by: Rob TriggsOctober 2, 2014
Analysts predict that Samsung will post another decline in quarterly profits for Q3, but its semiconductor business might provide a boost come the year's end.
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Why is Sony’s mobile business in the red?

by: Rob TriggsSeptember 22, 2014
Sony recently posted a $1.7 billion loss, which it attributed to poor smartphone sales. But with LG, Xiaomi, and others performing well, we explore why Sony is struggling.
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Sony books a $1.7 billion loss due to disappointing smartphone sales

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 17, 2014
Sony realized that its mobile business is not as valuable as it thought and had to book the $1.7 billion loss representing the difference between its estimations and reality.
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HTC posts strong Q2 2014 earnings results, but still faces an uncertain future

by: Rob TriggsAugust 4, 2014
HTC breaks three months of losses to post a profit in Q2 2014, but worrying July sales leave question marks over the company's long term sustainability.
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Samsung posts Q2 2014 earnings report – mobile division as poor as anticipated

by: Rob TriggsAugust 4, 2014
After weeks of preemptive damage control, Samsung has published its earnings report for Q2 2014. The results show a poor performance for the mobile division, whilst the rest of the company shows growth.
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LG shipped 14.5 million smartphones in Q2 2014, a new company record

by: Rob TriggsJuly 24, 2014
LG's mobile business has undergone a turnaround this quarter, posting record smartphone sales for the company, which is reflected in an impressive Q2 earnings result.
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200 Samsung managers return a quarter of their bonuses, ahead of earnings report

by: Rob TriggsJuly 18, 2014
Ahead of anticipatedly poor Q2 financial results, 200 managers in Samsung's mobile division have returned a quarter of their bonuses to the technology giant.
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After two strong months, HTC’s sales decreased in May

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 3, 2014
HTC has published its sales figures for the month of May, and it’s not exactly the good news we were hoping to hear.
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Sony hopes to sell 50 million smartphones this year, reports losses for 2013

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 14, 2014
Sony said it sold 39 million smartphones in fiscal year 2013, compared to 33 million in the previous year. For fiscal year 2014, the company hopes for 50 million unit sales, translating in a 28.4 percent increase in operating revenue.
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One (M8) launch sales better than M7’s. HTC predicts profit for Q2

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 6, 2014
The One (M8) outperformed the sales of the M7 in the same period last year, said Jack Tong, President of HTC North Asia. The company says it had “solid” sales in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, thanks largely to the M8, as well as “strong momentum” in India and China.
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