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Why are smartphone companies losing their market value? An inside look at the smartphone industry.

by: Robert TriggsJuly 5, 2013
With Apple and Samsung stock prices struggling, and as HTC failed to meet its revenue targets, we examine the current state of the smartphone industry.
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Barclays warns that HTC risks being drawn into a marketing war

by: Robert TriggsJuly 3, 2013
Analysts are concerned that the aggressive marketing strategies employed by Samsung and Sony will force HTC to spend more on advertising, or else risk losing out on sales in the high-end smartphone market.
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Green Dot introduces “real” smartphone banking with GoBank

by: J. Angelo RacomaJanuary 17, 2013
Green Dot introduces a purely online bank called GoBank, which lets users transact via smartphone app as well as Visa-branded debit cards.
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Carriers MetroPCS and Cricket offer financing for smartphones

by: Robert TriggsDecember 14, 2012
Service providers MetroPCS and Cricket recently launched their financing programs, which enable users to purchase high-end smartphones without having to put down a small fortune upfront. Instead customers can cough up just a fraction of the initial cost and pay the rest back via monthly installments. But is this really as good a deal as it seems and how does this financing actually work?
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Google stock hits all-time high

by: Kristofer WoukSeptember 24, 2012
If you happen to own Google stock, it's time to celebrate. Just one day after Android's fourth birthday, Google's share price has hit an all-time high, breaking the previous record, which was set all the way back in November of 2007.
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PayPal goes offline … in a good way

by: J. Angelo RacomaAugust 22, 2012
Folks, PayPal is going offline. But it's not in the way you might think. While primarily an online payment system, PayPal is now reaching out to the offline world in partnership with Discover, so that users can pay for purchases made in brick-and-mortar stores.
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Bank of America updates Android app with mobile check deposit

by: J. Angelo RacomaAugust 17, 2012
Bank of America has enabled the mobile check deposit feature with the latest version 4.0.50 update to its Android smartphone app. Clients can now deposit checks straight from any compatible Android phone. No more driving to the bank branch or ATM.
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CoinKeeper: Tracking cash flow and expenses in a fun and intuitive way

by: Alvin YbañezJune 25, 2012

Money is an important aspect of human life. We use money to transact business by exchanging it for goods and services. We use our money to pay our rent, fill our tummies, buy our clothes, pay our monthly plan, fill the fridge with groceries, pay our medical bills, and a lot more things crucial to daily living.

Aside from fulfilling our human needs, we also use our money to reward ourselves by fulfilling our wants such as buying a new Android smartphone or having a massage. That is why we need to keep track and monitor the flow of our money. We don’t want to end up fulfilling all our wants while having to cut off our budget for meals or daily rent. There are a [...]

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Weak demand in Europe (and Customs ban) cause HTC to cut sales target for Q2 2012

by: Bams SadewoJune 7, 2012

Another quarter, another sales projection revised downwards for the world’s 5th smartphone maker. Despite the release of HTC’s stellar One series of smartphones in the second quarter, it seems the Taiwanese couldn’t quite muster up the sales they needed to meet the company’s initial sales forecast for the quarter. HTC has slashed its Q2 2012 sales target to $3.03 billion, down 13.3% from $3.51 billion.

Speaking to an analyst, HTC chief financial officer Chia-Lin Chang said that the revised Q2 sales forecast is due to the lower than anticipated sales from European customers. “A bigger softness is from Europe than the US,” he explained. While this can be an indication [...]

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Best Android apps for personal financial management

by: Brigitte NovabosMay 14, 2012

With the tough economic situation of today, we could use any help we can get in order to stay on top of our financial situation and to monitor our budgets effectively. Perhaps you could use some help in keeping track of your financial health. Android Authority has done a search for you and we now bring you the best apps for personal finance management:

Managing and monitoring your entire personal financial portfolio can be daunting. And if you’re a busy bee, it’s even more challenging to extract a quick yet comprehensive view of your cash flow right when you need it. All that is about to change with the app. for Android makes [...]

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