Remake of the original Final Fantasy hits Google Play for $6.99, sadly it’s an iOS port

final fantasy for android
by 2 years ago

The original Final Fantasy was published in December 1987 on the NES, at a time when it’s lead creator, Square’s Hironobu Sakaguchi, was about to give up on the game industry. It was success or bust. Fortunately, the title was a hit and went on to spawn an entire media franchise over the years, that currently includes 14 main titles and countless ports, spinoffs, anime series, and feature films. Yesterday, Square Enix has quietly launched the legendary Final Fantasy to Android devices. The game follows Final Fantasy III, which made quite a splash a few weeks ago, when it was launched…

English version of Final Fantasy III finally hits Google Play, available for $15.99

Final Fantasy 3
by 2 years ago

A lot of legendary PC and arcade video games from the ‘80s, ‘90s or early 2000s have landed on Android devices these past few years (and some have even become successful), but RPG enthusiasts have had something missing all along. Final Fantasy, the hugely popular role-playing game franchise which debuted back in 1987 and has had no less than 13 sequels and spin-offs these past 25 years, didn’t manage to find its way to Android, although an iOS version of FF III was released over a year ago. The disappointment grew even more for hardcore mobile gamers across the globe…