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7 best Android apps to transfer files from Android to PC and other ways too!

by: Joe HindyMay 5, 2015
There are plenty of ways to transfer files from Android to PC and we're going to cover most of them along with some great apps to help out!
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Android customization – how to connect a USB flash drive to your Android device

by: Jonathan FeistNovember 13, 2014
Most of us have a USB flash drive or two kicking around, why not put them to use by connecting them to your Android devices? We'll show you how to do it, and what you'll need to proceed.
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ES File Explorer adds Chromecast streaming

by: Jonathan FeistOctober 30, 2014
ES File Explorer is getting an update, and a new plugin, that allows for Chromecast streaming of your local and cloud saved media. It's pretty 'beta', but we like where it is going.
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Total Commander V2 is loaded with tons of new features

by: Varun RajDecember 3, 2012
Total Commander, the preferred file manager for many users, has got even better as developers have added a simple drag-and-drop files feature to other panels and sub folders, improved stability of background operations, added the ability for users to copy files to SD cards (on Android 3.0 or higher) without root rights, and much more.
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New File Manager with built-in root access added to Jelly Bean-based CM10

by: AdrianNovember 7, 2012
We’ve suspected for a while that CM10 was going to be legendary once it was going to be deemed stable, but we’re hearing all sorts of exciting new things that make us think we’re still underestimating the project’s potential.
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Best file explorer and file manager apps for Android

by: Paul NuñalAugust 2, 2012

Android devices these days are already bundled with such a large internal memory that using your device is tantamount to carrying a hard disk in your hand. With that amount of storage space, managing your files can be a daunting task, most especially if you tend to fill up your 16 GB internal storage, plus your 32 GB microSD card, with files and folders.

One of the main challenges of many users these days is that of managing the files on their phones. And what better way to keep those files in order than by getting yourself a file manager application from the Google Play Store. But, there are many to choose from.  Which one should you choose?

To help you answer [...]

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File Expert: Easy Android file management with Dropbox and support

by: Paul NuñalJune 20, 2012

Android smartphones and tablets these days are sold with huge chunks of memory, and with all that memory to spare, it doesn’t take long before users try to fill it up with as many things as possible. When you’ve fully settled into your Android device, keeping your files organized can be a daunting task. One solution to keep your files organized is by using a decent file manager to keep your documents, music, videos and other important data in order. The latest smartphones already carry a stock file manager when they come out of the box, and while the stock file manager does a pretty good job in keeping your files in order, it lacks some advanced [...]

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WinZip, the world’s #1 archiving utility, comes to Android

by: Gary SimsJune 20, 2012

If you used Windows between 1991 and 2001 then you have probably heard of (and used) WinZip.

Before Microsoft built the ability to unzip files into Windows XP, and before 7zip, WinZip was the de facto way to handle .zip files. Wind forward another ten years and WinZip is still around and it is now no longer just confined to Windows. There is WinZip for Mac, WinZip for iOS, and now WinZip for Android. I don’t know how comfortable I feel about running any apps on my Android phone which starts with the word “Win”, but I will make an exception in this case.

Starting WinZip from the launcher puts you into a simple file manager which allows you to navigate [...]

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AROMA Filemanager for managing files in Recovery Mode

by: Carl ParkerMay 31, 2012

The great thing about Android developers is that they never run out of ideas to make our lives comfortable and convenient. Now another developer from XDA Developers, amarullz, has created another app for us and the AROMA Filemanager is its name. It’s been tagged as the “world’s first Android recovery-based file manager.”

For the record, the word “aroma” originated in Bahasa Indonesia and means “scent”. In this case, it also means “Amarullz Android ROM Manifestation.” AROMA Filemanager is, in plain and simple terms, a file manager with a GUI and is run while your phone is in Recovery Mode.

As a file [...]

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Solid Explorer: Fast file manager with holo theme and dual-pane interface

by: Ken EastMay 11, 2012

There is a growing list of file browsing apps in the Google Play Store, ranging from the simplest to the most feature-filled. Solid Explorer is yet another Android file manager that certainly promises a lot of features. It is considerably one of the best file browsing apps that you can find, especially when you talk about features and eye-catching appearance. Read on to learn more about Solid Explorer.

Solid Explorer is an Ice Cream Sandwich-themed root-level file browsing app for Android that allows easy file management through its user-friendly UI. The app is still in the beta stage of development but it’s still able to deliver its functions. The app’s [...]

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