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Verizon continues pushing against Title II classification with accounting argument

by: William Neilson JrNovember 4, 2014
Verizon penned another blog post claiming that the FCC was trying to "push for heavier regulation of the Internet."
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AT&T continues to push for internet ‘fast lanes’

by: William Neilson JrOctober 28, 2014
AT&T has told the FCC that if they want to prioritize speeds on one website over another, they should have the power to do so.
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FCC postpones wireless spectrum auction to 2016

by: William Neilson JrOctober 27, 2014
The FCC is asking TV station owners to switch or share frequencies to free up spectrum.
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FCC to fine carriers $10 million for breach of consumer privacy

by: Rob TriggsOctober 27, 2014
TerraCom and YourTel are set to receive a $10 million penalty from the FCC after leaving sensitive consumer data available online and failing to inform its customers.
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Nexus 6 passes through the FCC, ahead of pre-orders opening on October 29

by: Derek ScottOctober 26, 2014
With the Nexus 6 pre-orders opening up on October 29th, we see a device closely resembling the Nexus 6 pass through the FCC.
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T-Mobile claims that AT&T’s network in South Dakota is worse than roaming in South Africa

by: William Neilson JrOctober 21, 2014
T-Mobile's current data roaming rate with AT&T is 150 percent higher than the average domestic roaming rate.
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50 percent of wireless calls to 9-1-1 are caused accidently by your butt

by: William Neilson JrOctober 16, 2014
Half of the wireless calls to 9-1-1 were the result of butt dialing.
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AT&T to pay $105 million fine for cramming charges by FTC, FCC

by: William Neilson JrOctober 8, 2014
AT&T will pay $80 million to the FTC, $20 million to all fifty states, and $5 million to the FCC.
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Telecom-supported legislators keep thwarting municipal broadband

by: William Neilson JrOctober 7, 2014
Blackburn (R-TN) has received money from a number of providers looking to eliminate broadband competition.
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10% of cell sites examined violate FCC rules limiting excessive radio-frequency radiation

by: William Neilson JrOctober 5, 2014
Six engineers examined 5,000 cell tower sites and found that 10% violated FCC rules.
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