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ZTE V8000 gets FCC certification, on its way to Cricket with ICS and WVGA display

by: AdrianSeptember 12, 2012
Up-and-coming prepaid carrier Cricket Wireless seems to really be on a roll. On top the launch of Cricket-powered RadioShack Wireless last week, Cricket has also launched its own version of the HTC One V, which has now become the most powerful Android smartphone in its portfolio. That doesn’t seem to be enough for Cricket though, and another enticing Android mid-ranger is heading to the nation’s eighth largest carrier. We first spotted the ZTE Nova 4.0 V8000 back in May at the CTIA, and, just as we suspected, this will be a Cricket exclusive phone.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 gets cleared by the FCC without US LTE bands

by: AdrianSeptember 12, 2012
The GNote 2 spotted over at the FCC carries the model number GT-N7105 and is most likely the international version set to come to Europe and Asia next month. As usual, there aren’t many details and specs revealed by the FCC listing, aside from the connectivity options.
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FCC planning to auction off additional UHF spectrum to mobile carriers

by: J. Angelo RacomaSeptember 10, 2012
Mobile broadband is on the rise, but with carriers trying to offer better and faster services, there is a resource that might go scarce soon: radio spectrum allocation. Most technologies today can support the network load through code-division, which lets data and voice packets share the same space. However, as the need for "ubiquitous mobile Internet coverage" arises, the FCC feels the need to be proactive in allocating for these resources as demand grows.
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Has the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE received FCC clearance?

by: Bams SadewoSeptember 10, 2012
Although Amazon has started taking pre-order for the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE, it appears the 4G tablet hasn't received clearance from FCC yet.
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FCC to test and define mobile broadband service definition and speeds

by: J. Angelo RacomaSeptember 6, 2012
What is "mobile broadband" anyway? The FCC is seeking the public's help to define and test these speeds to ensure acceptable service and competition among carriers.
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Lenovo IdeaTab A2107A on track for September release

by: AdrianAugust 22, 2012
We’ve known for a while that Lenovo is planning to introduce a 7-inch tablet with a focus on price rather than speed, and now we’ve gotten additional confirmation that the IdeaTab A2107 is gearing towards a September release.
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With Verizon AWS spectrum deal all-but approved, companies lining up to buy parts of 700MHz Spectrum

by: Andrew GrushAugust 22, 2012
It seems that the FFC and Department of Justice are very close to approving Verizon's AWS spectrum acquisition. For those that haven't been following, the AWS spectrum is being purchased from various cable companies for a sum of $3.9 billion. In order to get the AWS spectrum purchase approved, Verizon has had to agree to a couple of major provisions first. This includes divesting some of its spectrum to T-Mobile and even agreeing to sell off some of the 700MHz spectrum if the deal is fully approved.
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Motorola XT907 heading to Verizon with 4G LTE

by: AdrianAugust 17, 2012
Now that we think we’ve unraveled everything there was to know about Motorola’s upcoming Droid Razr HD, we would have expected a bit of peace and quiet from Google’s subsidiary. Not a chance though, because yet another Moto phone has been spotted getting FCC certification.
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Huawei Ascend P1 LTE passes through the FCC in its way to Japan

by: AdrianAugust 14, 2012
A new version of the Ascend P1 has been spotted getting FCC’s approval. The listing is that much more exciting because it is of an LTE-enabled phone, but unfortunately there’s no indication this model will ever come to the US.
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LG Eclipse LS970 is now FCC certified, just about confirmed as hitting Sprint in October

by: AdrianAugust 13, 2012
There’s no doubt Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is the biggest current star of the Android universe, but that doesn’t mean things will stay that way for much longer. Could the upcoming LG Eclipse LS970 steal some of Galaxy S3's spotlight? Check out the phone's FCC filing and rumored spec sheet to find out!
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