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Meet the Devs – Luke St. Clair

by Joe HindyOctober 7, 2014
In this week's Developer Interview, we have a chat with Luke St Clair, formerly of Facebook, who wants to talk about his new app called Jelly!
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9 best Facebook apps for Android

by Joe HindySeptember 18, 2014
Facebook has always been a challenge on Android. If your experience isn't that great, here are some awesome Facebook apps to help improve things.
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Audi is expanding 4G LTE options

by William Neilson JrSeptember 16, 2014
Audi will be expanding 4G LTE availability for selected vehicles.
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Long Island DA wants to disable your phone if caught texting while driving

by William Neilson JrSeptember 10, 2014
Web surfing while driving is as dangerous as drunk driving.
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Facebook-surfing driver rams into car at 85mph, killing elderly woman

by Andrew GrushSeptember 8, 2014
Yet another senseless death because people feel that their online lives are so important that they need to continue texting and browsing even when driving. This time, a 20-year-old driver killed an elderly woman while speeding at 85mph and browsing Facebook.
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Facebook’s autoplay is killing your data plan

by William Neilson JrSeptember 8, 2014
Facebook users are met with the playing of videos.
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Buckets of ice are falling on the tech industry – watch the best videos here!

by Edgar CervantesAugust 14, 2014
Watching random friends dumping buckets of ice-cold water on themselves was fun, but the movement reached another level for geeks just some days ago.
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Verizon scans customers accounts for child porn

by William Neilson JrAugust 14, 2014
Verizon admits to scanning accounts for child pornography.
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Facebook demystifies Messenger app permissions

by Rob TriggsAugust 12, 2014
Following some hysteria surrounding the new Facebook Messenger app's permissions, the company has explained what it needs some of the permissions for.
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PSA: Facebook will require installation of Messenger after 7-day grace period

by Bogdan PetrovanAugust 8, 2014
Facebook has begun asking users to install the standalone Messenger app in order to be able to receive and send chat messages.
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