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Facebook Messenger gets Android-exclusive SMS threading

September 20, 2012
The Facebook app for Android may have its share of problems, but at least Facebook seems to be trying to make it up to Android users. Facebook Messenger for Android 2.0, released today, has a new feature that is exclusive to the Android app: threaded messages for both Facebook messages and your SMS text messages.
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Google beating Facebook in the advertising war

September 20, 2012
According to EMarketer estimates, Google is the undisputed lord and master of online advertising. We already knew it was topping the charts for Web-search ads and mobile ads, now we learn it is beating Facebook on display ads too.
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Facebook is testing an automatic photo uploading feature for Android

September 20, 2012
You know that person at the party who takes a photo of someone doing something stupid and then spends the next 60 seconds or so fiddling with their device to put that image on Facebook so that everyone in their timeline can see how much "fun" they're having? No one likes that person, and Facebook is trying to eradicate that kind of behavior.
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Facebook testing mobile ad network, uses personal user-data to target ads

September 19, 2012
If you've been wondering how Facebook makes money, here's a big demonstration of just how powerful a social network can be in terms of harvesting market data. Facebook has just launched its mobile ad network, and the social network is offering advertisers the ability to target their campaigns based on user information and activity.
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iPhone 5 promoted on Samsung Mobile USA Facebook page instead of Galaxy S3

September 18, 2012
No, Samsung Mobile USA did not put up an iPhone 5 ad on its Facebook page to make up for its iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 print ad that we looked at during the weekend, but it certainly managed to obtained an unexpected result when asking a simple question on its page.
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Google+ hits 400 million registered users, 100 million active users

September 17, 2012
There are many of us who remember jumping from forum to forum trying to find someone giving out Google+ private beta invites. Since then, Google+ has gone live and has consistently improved. Now, the company continues to gain on Facebook as it hits 400 million registered users.
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Google acquires Nik Software – will this help Google+ take on Facebook, Instagram?

September 17, 2012
Nik software, makers of the photo editing software Snapseed, among others, announced today that it had been acquired by Google. What this means for the Snapseed iOS app remains to be seen, but the more interesting question is: what could this mean for Google+?
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Facebook interested in getting into the search business?

September 14, 2012
When it comes to the Internet, things can change very quickly. Giants crumble unexpectedly, and newcomers quickly become the hot site on the net. We've seen the fall of My Space, Yahoo and Adobe Flash all within the last decade. This is a clear testament to the rapid pace at which things can change. Today, search is dominated by Google- but could this eventually change?
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Mark Zuckerberg giving Facebook app native Android overhaul

September 12, 2012
Mark Zuckerberg has openly admitted that the current Facebook app is a giant failure right along with HTML5. To fix Facebook on Android, Zuckerberg is having his developers recreate the Facebook app using native Android. This should give it a considerable performance boost and add some much needed stability. It's about time, Facebook.
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Via.Me official Android app: Centralizing your Facebook and Twitter experience

September 7, 2012

The Internet is bustling with information. Everything you could ever need is right at your fingertips, as well as the power to share our own findings. A number of websites already exist for sharing and discovering content.

Facebook is one way to discover new things, but you’d need to sift through your friends’ status updates. There’s also Tumblr but that can quickly get overwhelming as people you follow share anything and everything. Then there’s Twitter, which allows you to make 140-character updates about what you’re doing, thinking, or watching. Those aren’t the only social media and network sites out there. Being able to keep up [...]

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