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387 articles

Facebook-surfing driver rams into car at 85mph, killing elderly woman

Yet another senseless death because people feel that their online lives are so important that they need to continue texting and browsing even when driving. This time, a 20-year-old ...
by Andrew GrushSeptember 8, 201428

Facebook’s autoplay is killing your data plan

Facebook users are met with the playing of videos.
by William Neilson JrSeptember 8, 201428

Buckets of ice are falling on the tech industry – watch the best videos here!

Watching random friends dumping buckets of ice-cold water on themselves was fun, but the movement reached another level for geeks just some days ago.
by Edgar CervantesAugust 14, 20143

Verizon scans customers accounts for child porn

Verizon admits to scanning accounts for child pornography.
by William Neilson JrAugust 14, 201425

Facebook demystifies Messenger app permissions

Following some hysteria surrounding the new Facebook Messenger app's permissions, the company has explained what it needs some of the permissions for.
by Robert TriggsAugust 12, 201417

PSA: Facebook will require installation of Messenger after 7-day grace period

Facebook has begun asking users to install the standalone Messenger app in order to be able to receive and send chat messages.
by Bogdan PetrovanAugust 8, 201429

You aren’t alone: Facebook is down right now [Update]

No, it's not you. Facebook isn't working for many folks right now.
by Andrew GrushAugust 1, 201422

Sprint to sell wireless plan that only connects to Facebook or Twitter

Sprint is soon to offer a $12-a-month plan that allows subscribers to connect ONLY to Facebook OR Twitter. For an additional $5, subscribers would get unlimited streaming of a music app ...
by William Neilson JrJuly 30, 201411

Facebook reminds users to download its Messenger app, regular chat scheduled to go offline “soon”

The Facebook app's mobile chat option is scheduled to be removed soon. Facebook is sending out reminders to download its alternative Messenger app.
by Robert TriggsJuly 29, 201416

Facebook rolling out “save” feature for bookmarking News Feed content

Facebook is now rolling out a new "save" feature, which allows you to bookmark content from your news feed so you can read it later.
by Andrew GrushJuly 21, 20142
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