Some crafty sleuthing has revealed that Android users access Facebook more than any other operating system. With 192 million monthly active user accounts, Android has a huge lead over it’s nearest competitor iOS with 147 million.


Mobile is the future. And mobile is the key to Facebook’s success. Those were the exact words used by Mark Zuckerberg more than once in statements and interviews given during the past few months, despite him also saying that FB is not planning to release a smartphone of its own.


So you say the Facebook app sucks? You said you don’t like Timeline’s look on your mobile browser? Then you’ll enjoy the news straight from Menlo Park, a promise of epic proportions, that Facebook will be updating its entire armada of mobile apps every 4-8 weeks.


The Facebook app for Android may have its share of problems, but at least Facebook seems to be trying to make it up to Android users. Facebook Messenger for Android 2.0, released today, has a new feature that is exclusive to the Android app: threaded messages for both Facebook messages and your SMS text messages.


In the past, Facebook engineers have been often and heavily criticized over the quality of the social giant’s mobile apps. However, today I’m here to report that there might still be... some hope left. The most recent update for the official Facebook Messenger app for Android brings a whole bunch of new features, as well as some improvements to the overall performance of the app


For those that can’t resist the lure of profile hopping on Facebook, there’s a stand-alone Facebook Messenger app that still allows you to engage in conversation with your Facebook friends,... without the usual distractions. In a bid to become the messaging platform of choice, Facebook has updated its Messenger app for both Android and iOS, bringing them closer to competing platforms, in term...