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Facebook Messenger free calls now available outside of US and UK, too

March 29, 2013
After the US and UK, Facebook Messenger voice calling is quietly being rolled out to other countries. Have you tried calling with the app yet?
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Facebook Messenger voice calls now available in the UK on the Android app

March 28, 2013
The Facebook Messenger Android app is getting free voice calls in the UK. This makes UK the first country outside North America where the functionality is available.
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Facebook adds VoIP support to its Android Messenger app for Canadians

March 5, 2013
Facebook, in an effort to bring its Messenger Android app up to speed with its iOS app, has added free VoIP support to the app for Canadian Android device owners.
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MWC 2013: Facebook to offer free Messenger for Android, iOS and feature phones through 18 carriers around the world

February 25, 2013
Facebook is offering free or discounted access to its Messenger App in partnership with 18 carriers around the globe. Will this lead to a further decline in SMS usage?
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Facebook Messenger now features free voice calls. Is this the Facebook Phone we’ve been looking for?

January 17, 2013
Facebook Messenger now offers free mobile calling within the U.S. Is this the Facebook Phone we were looking for?
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Android dominates Facebook mobile user counts

January 7, 2013
Some crafty sleuthing has revealed that Android users access Facebook more than any other operating system. With 192 million monthly active user accounts, Android has a huge lead over it's nearest competitor iOS with 147 million.
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Facebook Messenger gets new voice messaging feature

January 4, 2013
Facebook Messenger rolled out a new update last night, bringing with it the ability to send voice messages to your friends and family.
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Is Facebook working on a “disposable chat” app?

December 18, 2012
Rumor has it that Facebook is currently testing its own private chat application, but can we really trust the data collecting giant to run a private messaging service?
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Facebook Messenger doesn’t require you use Facebook, has world domination on its mind

December 4, 2012
Starting today, you no longer need a Facebook account to use Facebook Messenger. Yes, you read that right. With this unexpected move they are now entering the hotly contested arena of SMS replacement apps. All you need to start is a name and phone number, and you can communicate with anyone in your contact list.
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Facebook integrates desktop and mobile teams to unify experience

November 10, 2012
In the latest Facebook "Under the Hood" blog post, engineer Michael Eyal Sharon mentions that Facebook is hoping by better integrating its teams, Facebook will become more of a whole experience rather than several disparate experiences.
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