Apple seeking face unlock patent yet again

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by 1 year ago

It looks like things are about to get interesting. Despite Google being awarded a patent earlier this month for face-to-unlock features, Apple appears to be applying to patent almost the exact same thing. Who wants to bet that this ends up being settled in a court somewhere?

Android Jelly Bean Face Unlock ‘liveness’ check easily hacked with photo editing

by 1 year ago

Google improves Face Unlock on Jelly Bean by requiring users to blink, but even this can easily be spoofed through image editing. When Android Ice Cream Sandwich was released, one of the much-touted features was Face Unlock, which supposedly made the smartphone more friendly in terms of user experience. The phone unlocks just by “seeing” the owner’s face. Unfortunately, this was found to be insecure, as the Face Unlock feature recognized even static photos of the owner. With profile pictures easy to access through social networks, Face Unlock could easily be circumvented, which defeats the purpose of securing the lock…

Face Unlock on Jelly Bean now checks if you’re a photo, asks you to blink

by 2 years ago

A year ago, Google introduced the Face Unlock feature on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is a novel and convenient way – when it works, anyway — to quickly unlock your Android phone after it recognizes your face, with security not being the main focus. The main criticism that is often leveled against the quirky Face Unlock is that flashing a still photo of the user when trying to unlock the phone can fool the system. It’s something that Google has acknowledged back then, but only decided to act upon on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The updated Face Unlock…

HTC gets Face Unlock patent, could stir up an internal Android legal war

by 2 years ago

We’ve been hearing about patents, patent wars, copyright infringement, and so on for a while now, yet today is probably the first time we will be talking about a potential patent-related conflict inside the Android camp. HTC has apparently been granted a patent on Face Unlock, the facial recognition software offered by Google in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Something doesn’t feel right about that phrasing, so I’m going to try to say this a different way. HTC has gained approval for a patent that covers “a method for unlocking a locked computing device using biometric information”. So, what does that…

Apple Applies for “Face Unlock” Patent, Sound Familiar? (Updated)

by 2 years ago

Okay let me start off by saying all these patents that everyone is applying for is getting a bit ridiculous. Apple has applied to the USPTO for another technology patent, which Apple is not even using but is one of the biggest features in Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich. Apple’s application describes the patent as a brand new technology that allows a user to unlock a device by using the features of their face. I am not really to sure about Apple’s reasoning in going after this patent, maybe they want to stop Android from using Face Unlock so they…

Galaxy Nexus Finally Lands at Verizon [Only $149.99!]

by 2 years ago

It has been a long time since the Galaxy Nexus was announced. And frankly, most of us have gotten tired of waiting. Therefore, Verizon, Google, and Samsung finally decided to put out the Galaxy Nexus (Verizon LTE) up for sale. One reason why you should believe that the smartphone is finally out is because I wrote this review on my new Galaxy Nexus. I can assure you that the wait was totally worth it and the Galaxy Nexus is everything that you could want in a smart phone. The screen is incredible! Face Unlock is slowly learning more about me everyday, as…

Galaxy Nexus Face Unlock Works with Real Face AND Photo

by 2 years ago

Those of you who are thinking that the Face Unlock feature in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich–and first featured in the Galaxy Nexus–is a security feature may be in for some disappointment.  Someone was able to show a photo to the Galaxy Nexus and the device instantly unlocked itself without complaining. Blogger Soya Cincau captured live footage of the “test” that was done that showed the Galaxy Nexus unlocking itself when shown a photo of the face programmed for the device’s Face Unlock feature. The “test” was conducted during the launching of the Samsung Galaxy Note in Jakarta, Indonesia. The…

Enhanced Security Measures From Ice Cream Sandwich

by 2 years ago

Being able to securely store data is probably the most crucial aspect of having a successful operating system. Besides being able to navigate more easily through your Android device’s varied interfaces or taking better pictures, you also want to worry less about viruses and other malware and other such unfortunate occurrences that can happen. And let’s not forget if your smartphone or tablet  is ever stolen or misplaced – what can you do to protect yourself? You’ll be glad to know then, that Android 4.0 comes with some significant enhancement in this area. Perhaps the most popular security measure of…

Face Unlock — Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0′s Most Personal Feature

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by 2 years ago

If you’re like me, you don’t like inputting a password, but still want some security for your phone. After all, you most likely paid a few hundred dollars for it. Therefore, your phone should be able to unlock itself when it sees its owner smiling into the front-facing camera. On October 18, Google did just that. With Matias Duarte at the helm, his new Galaxy Nexus should have unlocked itself using the Face Unlock feature of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. However, with its own brilliant mind, the Galaxy Nexus decided not to show off its unlocking power and decided…