Samsung promises to open up its Exynos chipset some more

by 1 year ago

Many developers are shying away from working their magic on Exynos-based devices due to Samsung’s reluctance to share proper documentations and sources for its chipset. Following its promise to come up with a solution, it seems Samsung is ready to open its Exynos playground – albeit partially.

Samsung plans to release 20nm and 14nm Eyxnos chipsets by 2013

by 2 years ago

You don’t get to be in Samsung’s shoes today without putting in some serious investments. Hence, the Koreans have just announced that they will be spending about $1.9 billion to build a factory that will produce their 20nm and 14nm-based Exynos chips by next year. This marks a significant improvement from the 32nm-based processor of the Exynos Quad 4 processor, which is now powering the international version of Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung Electronics’ System LSI Business president Stephen Woo said that the construction of its new System LSI fabrication line is an important step to “responding to the demand of…

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review – Best smartphone ever made? [Video]

by 2 years ago

I have a confession to make. When I first laid eyes on the Samsung Galaxy S3, I thought the design was unappealing and uninspired. I felt that the styling was a bit dated; akin to a slight upgrade of the Nexus One. From the initial launch invitation which featured marble white and blue blobs, I expected something more raw, more edgy. I was expecting a fusion of liquid metal and styling from Verizon’s iconic Droid campaigns. I was expecting to be impressed, to be blown to pieces with something completely revolutionary. Thankfully, I was invited to the launch event here…

Galaxy S3 guaranteed to have quad-core Exynos processor, according to “sources”

by 2 years ago

While some might say the Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor madness might have gotten a bit out of hand lately, it simply doesn’t mean we should stop reporting the speculations as we get a hold of them, as we might miss something important and accurate. One thing can be sure – this is the most important device launch in Samsung’s short Android device launch history. The latest rumor comes as a confirmation of an older rumor, which itself followed upon an even older speculation (are you still following me?) and seems to almost set in stone that the future Samsung flagship’s…

Samsung rumored to sell the upcoming Exynos 4412 SoC to other OEMs

Exynos 5250
by 2 years ago

As fans of the Galaxy S series are fully aware, Samsung is soon to release a new variant of the Exynos SoC (system on a chip), namely the 4412, expected to be first seen in action on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Although it’s no news that Samsung will build the chip in-house (as they have done so for most of their flagship smartphones since the original Galaxy S), sources quoted by Digitimes claim that Samsung might sell the Exynos 4412 to other OEMs, thus engaging in direct competition with the other SoC manufacturers. While the exact Exynos 4412 specs are…

Report: Samsung Galaxy S3 confirmed to rock quad-core Exynos

by 2 years ago

With suspense building up over the imminent arrival of Samsung Galaxy S3, one Samsung executive is more than willing to share some tidbits of information about the Koreans’ upcoming super phone. Talking to Korea Times, the executive outed the processor that the Galaxy S3 will be sporting. While no specific model of the processor was mentioned, the anonymous exec did say that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will use a 32nm quad-core processor. As noted by MobileSyrup, it is likely that the source was talking about the Exynos 4412, which the world first saw during the Mobile World Congress in February….

Game Developers, Please Don’t Ignore the Other Mobile Chips

by 2 years ago

First of all, I think Nvidia has done us a great favor, and we should be thankful to them. I wouldn’t say they’ve brought all the 3D games to Android. That  isn’t true or close to being true, but they’ve certainly done their part, and have tried to bring high quality games not just in content but also in graphics to the Android platform, thanks to the Tegra Zone. Unfortunately, that is also a problem, and one that may become bigger in the future as the Tegra architecture becomes more popular and is in more devices. From what we’ve seen…

If This Is True, the Galaxy S3 Will Be the Best Phone of the Year – Again

by 2 years ago

Samsung is not perfect, and I think they are following the wrong strategy by releasing many rehashed devices lately. Still, this is how they have done business over the past several years. I’ve been amazed at Samsung’s ability to make the Galaxy S the phone of the year, twice in a row already. When the original Galaxy S launched, it was unbeatable for at least 7 months until the first dual core phone appeared on the market. Again, with the Galaxy S2, it was unbeatable for around 6 months until the Galaxy Nexus appeared, which perhaps not by coincidence, was…

AT&T Galaxy Note to Have Snapdragon Chip with Lower Performance than Exynos

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-ATT-560x377 (1)
by 2 years ago

  One of the things I like about Samsung and don’t like about HTC is that they are willing to use other chips for their devices, especially if one of their favorite chip is not top dog anymore (fortunately Samsung’s chips have always maintained the lead so far). HTC on the other hand, no matter how good or bad was the performance of Qualcomm chips, they would stick with them. There are hints that this year they will use Tegra and even OMAP chips alongside the Qualcomm ones, but that remains to be seen. I do like that Samsung is…