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Evernote for Android gets an upgrade to version 4.0, has exciting new features

by: Bams SadewoMay 17, 2012

If you’ve been leading a paper-cluttered life, it’s time to make good use of your smartphone by downloading a note-taking app. With over 10 million downloads and counting, Evernote is one of the must-have Android apps to stay organize.

The latest Evernote app, now on version 4.0, comes with a brand-spanking new look and features. The redesigned home screen shows a scrollable display of all your notes based on dates — along with a preview of the content, which would make it easier for you to look for a note and open it. The notebook list has also been updated, as it now combines user notebooks with shared notebooks. The new contextual [...]

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Best Android Apps for Students

by: Paul NuñalDecember 21, 2011

Whether you’re a high school student who wants to earn straight A’s in school or a college sophomore striving hard to live with the continuous onslaught of exams, then look no further, as there are Android apps that can help you in your woes and worries inside the campus grounds.

Here are five of the best Android applications that can help you in your studies.


Definitely a must-have application for the everyday campus trekker, Evernote combines all the best features when it comes to note-taking. Evernote helps students keep track with almost everything–from notes, pictures, and to-do lists, just to name a few. Stay organized [...]

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10 Useful Free Android Apps

by: Edmund ApostolSeptember 23, 2011

You’ve just acquired a Motorola Xoom or perhaps a Samsung Galaxy S II. The next step would be to decide which apps to install that will work well with your new device. To help you narrow down your choices, the following is a short list of what can be considered an optimum set for the on-the-go user.

The criteria are based on what can be most useful in terms of document creation and sharing, file management and sharing, Internet browsing, multimedia handling, and social media use. All ten apps are free to download or are offered with a free version.

1. Evernote


This app lets you note down practically anything so you wouldn’t have to forget or lose [...]

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Best Honeycomb apps for social networking, productivity, and reading

by: MinaAugust 31, 2011

One of the most common, if not the top, drawback in buying an Android-powered tablet would be the shortage of apps in the Market. That is, of course, compared to the number of apps for iPad. In response, most tablets come with built-in apps, but it has to be said that the number of third-party apps in the Market has steadily increased, with Android’s growth potential rising by the minute.

Six months after the release of Motorola Xoom, the first Honeycomb tablet, here are some recent app releases for social networking, productivity, and reading that are spicing up the platform.

Social Networking

While the Twitter for Android app works rather well on Honeycomb, [...]

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Make The Most Of Your Android Tablet’s Camera With These Apps

by: glennApril 29, 2011

When you think about it, it’s kind of weird why tablets have cameras. It’s not as convenient to use as a cellphone or a dedicated digital camera, nor is the quality any more astounding. And picking up a tablet to take pictures is just plain, well, awkward.

But there are great ways you can use the camera on your tablet, some of which aren’t what you would usually expect. So make the most out that camera (you paid for it after all) by using a few apps that take advantage of it.

1. Augmented Reality – Layar

Google maps is great but if you really want a more immersive experience, augmented reality is the way to go. The way it works is by [...]

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The Top 5 Must-Have Android Widgets

by: glennApril 6, 2011

Sure, widgets tend to take up a chunk of your homescreen and sure, they may suck a bit more juice than your regular app icons – but widgets are what make our phones truly unique and easier to use. Whether it’s a stock widget or it comes with the app you just downloaded, take a bit of time to get to know what these nifty little applets do and how they can help you out.

Before you go gaga and install every widget you see in the Market, here are our top 5 picks that should be in every user’s homescreen.

1. Battery Widget (Free)

Let’s face it: smartphones still don’t have the battery life to rival regular phones and that [...]

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Evernote for Android has arrived

by: James TromansJuly 15, 2010

Evernote Android for Android

After months of development, Evernote for Android has launched and is available in the Android Market for free. Of course, there is a premium version too.

Evernote for Android allows you to create text notes, snap photos, and record audio. In addition, you can easily attached files to your notes. Free subscribers can add PDFs, text, audio, or image files. Premium subscribers can attach any file they like, as long as the total note size is under 25MB.

Evernote for Android allows you to seemlessly search through you notes and synch them with your desktop computer (and vice versa). On top of this, Evernote’s image [...]

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Evernote launches its Android application

by: Susan ElleryDecember 16, 2009

Good news for Evernote fans who have embraced the Android platform. Starting today, Evernote for Android is available for download from the Android Market. The digital note-taking service allows users to create notes, capture screenshots, grab web clippings, take  photos, and upload other files to the Evernote servers using either a desktop application, a web browser, or a mobile application. While not as full-featured as the desktop application, the Android version of Evernote allows users to create notes, record audio, snap photos and store geolocation information with their uploaded data. Synchronization is two-way so users can then access this uploaded content via their desktop, [...]

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