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Eric Schmidt would choose Apple to be CEO; Google vs Apple “defining fight” for industry

by: Chris SmithOctober 11, 2012
Eric Schmidt, Google’s former CEO and current Chairman, talked to AllThingsD’s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher for an hour on Wednesday evening, sharing his views on Google’s current state of affairs but also on the tech world as a whole.
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“Google stands for innovation as opposed to patent wars” says Schmidt

by: Simon HillSeptember 28, 2012
Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, has been helping to launch the Nexus 7 tablet in South Korea. He also met with Samsung and spoke out about the patent war with Apple.
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Samsung, Google meeting in South Korea to discuss strategy against Apple?

by: Chris SmithSeptember 26, 2012
This isn’t the first time we’re telling you that Samsung and Google could be working more closely together to fight against existing and future Apple-related legal threats, as we heard that the two giants will work together in this regard a few months ago when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was banned in the U.S.
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Only 5% of daily Android activations are tablets, smartphones still dominate

by: Gary SimsSeptember 11, 2012
Eric Schmidt admitted that Google is selling very few tablets compared to smartphones. In fact, just 5% of all Android activations are from tablets. So, what can Google do to stimulate the growth of the sluggish Android tablet ecosytem?
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Eric Schmidt admits Google was ‘late to tablets’

by: J. Angelo RacomaSeptember 6, 2012
Google may have overtaken the iPhone with its Android platform. While Apple changed the smartphone game when it first released the iPhone in 2007, Android has fast overtaken iOS in mobile phone shipments. However, tablets are a different thing altogether, and Google's own executive chairman Eric Schmidt admits it.
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Eric Schmidt: over 1.3 million Android devices activated daily, 480 million users

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 5, 2012
Google’s chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt took the stage at today’s Motorola event in New York, to talk about the significance of the Motorola acquisition, but also to break some impressive new numbers about Android.According to Schmidt, over 1.3 million Android devices are activated every day, of which 70,000 are Android tablets. That’s an impressive jump over the 1 million figure that Google boasted at Google I/O at the end of June. In other words, activations grew 30% in a little over two months.
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Eric Schmidt confirms Google is interested in the hardware business, whatever that means

by: Chris SmithJuly 16, 2012

Whenever Eric Schmidt speaks about Google’s short- and long-term plans at public events, it’s always worth paying attention to what he says about the company’s future – and sometimes he does say things that turn out to bite the company right in the behind.

The former Google CEO talked to journalists last Thursday at the Allen & Company technology conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, where he made it clear to everyone attending that Google is determined to make a play in the hardware business – like that wasn’t clear so far. Here’s what he told the press, according to the New York Times:

Not that he would call Google a “hardware [...]

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Larry Page rumored to miss Google I/O due to voice-related health problems

by: Chris SmithJune 25, 2012

Google CEO Larry Page is now said to miss due to some unexpected health problems the main event in Google’s yearly calendar, Google I/O, scheduled to take place between June 27-29 in San Francisco.

Specifically, the CEO has lost his voice according to a Wall Street Journal report, and thus he won’t be able to take the stage during the keynotes of the developers conference. Strangely enough, he also missed Google’s annual meeting last Thursday and he is said not to make an appearance during Google’s upcoming Q2 earnings call that should take place in mid July.

Google has not detailed the health issues and the secrecy surrounding this [...]

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A timeline of the Oracle vs Google trial

by: Mike AndriciApril 26, 2012

Here at Android Authority, we’ve covered every move that preceded the beginning of the Google vs Oracle trial. But we never knew how much new info we’ll be able to find out about Android, Google, and Oracle from this high profile legal battle. As we don’t want to bore you with technical details and such, here’s a timeline of the trial, marking every important statement by lawyers on both sides, as well as witness testimonies. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

April 17: Oracle’s opening statement did not surprise anyone, as Google was accused of knowingly breaking Oracle’s intellectual properties regarding the Java language. According to a 2005 email from Andy Rubin to Larry [...]

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Eric Schmidt Talks Future and How Google Will Shape It

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 29, 2012

Most of us are so focused on our daily grind that we hardly have time to take a break, step back, and look at the big picture. This is true in most areas of modern life, but in the tech world, where things change by the minute, it’s especially difficult to see beyond the noise. A new smartphone, a new leak, a crazy rumor… Statistics, marketing, tech-talk… they all compete for our attention, making things appear larger than they actually are.

So, from time to time, it’s refreshing to see someone step back and leave all the “My smartphone is better than yours” madness aside and just talk about where the world is heading. And this is precisely what [...]

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