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ViewBook 730 Takes Aim At The Kindle Crowd

by: Aerol BibatJune 7, 2011

E-readers are becoming a huge market. This is mostly because of the booming e-book market. However, right now, Amazon’s Kindle is king of the hill. It’ll take a lot to dislodge them off that throne. Viewsonic seems to want to attempt it though. They’ve just announced the release of its 7-inch ViewBook 730, an Android tablet focused for the e-book crowd.

To say that the ViewBook 730 isn’t anything revolutionary is an understatement. An e-reader doesn’t need much after all. However, it does try to enter the current niche of the Nook, which is that of a multi-purpose eReader/tablet. Revealed specs for the ViewBook are: Android 2.2 (Froyo) as [...]

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Velocity Micro announces Cruz Reader™ Android tablets

by: James TromansJuly 13, 2010

Cruz Reader™

Velocity Micro, a privately held computer manufacturer located in Richmond, VA (USA), have recently announced their new line of Cruz readers and tablets. The most notable thing to mention with this release is that the devices are remarkably affordable, and fairly attractive to boot. The price range goes from $149 to $299 and covers the three types of products on offer.

Taking e-readers light-years past e-ink, the Cruz Reader features a sleek design, touch screen display, and tons of multimedia features. The Cruz Tablet offers the same multimedia capabilities as the Cruz Reader with more storage and a multi-touch screen. Perfect for [...]

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Borders e-reader app launched for Android devices

by: Derek ScottJuly 7, 2010

Borders Bookstore has launched an app that lets users read its online books on Android smartphones.  The client can be downloaded from the Android Market and works on Android OS 2.0 or later.  If anyone downloads it, let us know how it looks.

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Chinese manufacturer OPPO embrace the world of Android

by: James TromansJanuary 21, 2010

Android has been put to the test in another portable eReader device. OPPO are as well established and respected Chinese brand who produce fashionable (smart)phones aimed at the younger demographic along with PMPs and other gadgets. OPPO has now decided to build an eReader E-ink device that will run Android.

Since announcing their first Android based handset at the end of last year (which we’re keeping an eye on for you), the company have seemed to have take a fancy to Android. With that said, we have little extra information to bring you about their eReader device other than the fact that it is E-ink based and will be about 6’’ in size. It is unclear as to whether OPPO will [...]

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Astri’s dualscreen Android e-ink ‘My Interactive Device’

by: James TromansJanuary 19, 2010

Astri, as yet an unknown company, are attempting to break into the eReader market with a dual screen Android based device. I cannot be certain, but the logo on this device looks to be the same as that used by ‘Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited’ in Hong Kong. Check it out yourself here. There are a few appealing sides to the Astri MID (n.b. ‘My Interactive Device’) such as the pocket size and the fact that both screens are touchscreen enabled. One of the screens runs Android and is a LCD touchscreen measuring 4.8-inches in size. The other is a 5-inch e-ink Wacom-enabled touchscreen is designed for reading and note [...]

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Video: Nook gets reviewed

by: James TromansDecember 8, 2009


The guys over at Slash Gear have had enough hands-on time with Barnes & Noble’s Nook to piece together a fully fledged review. Most of the Android based news and indeed most devices that run Android are based around a Smartphone concept. The Nook is different because it is an eBook reader, similar to Amazon’s Kindle, and yet still runs Google’s Android OS. But this isn’t any old eReader. With two displays, including a full color 3.5’’ capacitive touchscreen for navigation, this thing might even have something to offer those that never thought they’d get sucked in by all the eReader malarkey.

As we mentioned back when we first got the [...]

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eReader and ‘Friendlee’ applications coming soon to Android

by: James TromansJune 11, 2009

As the title would suggest, there are a couple of interesting applications that will make their way to Android in the coming months. First to receive a mention is eReader, a Barnes & Noble Company. eReader is effectively the world’s largest eBook store, even if they say so themselves. It offers a huge range of eBooks for your iPhone, Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone, Palm Treo and Centro or any Symbian mobile phone. Soon to make it onto that short list will be any Android device. We can expect to see eReader for Android popping up later on this summer, and although the feature list wont be complete right away, we can expect it to deal with ePub, Fictionwise’s DRM and non [...]

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