Building your own Android arcade machine? Why not? [video]

by 1 year ago

To say that the quality of games on Android has improved since the early days is an understatement, but great graphics alone don’t make a title worth the time investment. It’s the gameplay that keeps folks coming back for more. One guy decided to take the concept of taking the trip down gaming memory lane a step further by building his own Android arcade machine.

Put any device in God Mode and use Google Play

by 1 year ago

What’s that you say? You want to install Android apps on your old devices, but Google Play won’t work? Have no fear, for we have the next best option: virtualization. That’s right! An Android emulator is running amuck on the range, so let’s rope in the details and get right down to business. There are 3, count them, three separate APK’s for this function: GoogleLoginService.apk GoogleFrameworkServices.apk, Phonesky.apk  (there is an older version named Vending.apk) The way these can be had is to search the /system/app folder on your device and issue a command, ‘adb pull’ to get the items quickly….

Doom is back for Android with DoomGLES, 3D monsters included

by 2 years ago

We all appreciate the effort put in by an increasing number of game developers who have been optimizing classic PC games for mobile devices, such as Painkiller: Purgatory HD or Max Payne. This customization for touchscreen interfaces usually provides the best user experience for gamers. But sometimes, game ports and emulators work just as well, even though they requires a little more work on the part of the user, instead of just downloading the game from the Google Play Store. If you, like me, are a fan of the classic Doom series, you will love the new port of the game…

Square Enix releases Android version of Final Fantasy III in Japan, US gets no love

by 2 years ago

Countless gamers consider Final Fantasy III to be one the best iterations in the FF series, while the readers of the influential Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu even voted FF3 as the eighth-best video game of all time. Unfortunately, it was also a game that took decades to make it to US shore, with Square Enix porting the game to Nintendo 3DS in 2006. The 3D remake of FF3 from the Nintendo 3DS was then ported over to iOS in 2011. And now, the vaunted Japanese video game house Square Enix has released the official Android version of Final Fantasy III,…

Emulators To Be Banned From Android?

by 3 years ago

Gaming on Android is pretty limited when you think about it. Most native Android games aren’t exactly designed for the serious gamer – this is mostly because Android is a mobile platform and not a gaming platform. However, most Android devices have pretty impressive specs and can probably run a whole lot of old games. Which is the premise behind emulators. Emulators are programs designed to mimic old gaming console environments. This means you can play any number of old games as long as you have the appropriate ROM for it. This gave Android gamers access to an incredibly large…

PSX4Droid 3.0 Out Now, Free From ZodTTD

by 3 years ago

The Android Market troubles of console-hacker ZodTTD hasn’t stopped him from publishing the latest and greatest version of his PlayStation emulator, the PSX4Droid. If you’ve been following his travails lately, you’ll know that Google last week suddenly pulled his emulator from the Market as well as froze his dev accounts. Rumor has it that this was due to the upcoming launch of the Xperia Play, a Sony Ericsson phone capable of playing PSOne games. Oddly enough, emulators for other systems are still available in the Android Market. Apps such as Nesoid, SNESDROID and Gameboid continue to sell and surprisingly, even…

Canonical system to run Android apps on Ubuntu Linux machines

by 5 years ago

ArsTechnica has posted an interesting story about how Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, is building an Android runtime environment for the Ubuntu (and potentially other) Linux platforms. While Android is Linux and Java based, it doesn’t exactly play nice with other flavors of Linux and Java, hence the need for a layer of special sauce to go between Ubuntu and Android applications. Canonical claims that it already has a working prototype version of the Android execution environment running under Ubuntu, and that it will eventually publish the source code so that it might be used by others. [via TalkAndroid]

How-to: Cupcake on the Android Emulator (with video)

by 5 years ago

The guys at NullWire have put together a nice and neat way to get the Cupcake branch of Android running on your personal copy of the Android Emulator.  But before you can do that, you need to download and install the Android SDK. [Step 1] Download the SDK from here and install it.  Once you have it installed, which is pretty painless, you can then [Step 2] download the Cupcake image files ZIP for the emulator.  Make a note of where you install the SDK (ie. “C:android-sdk”).