To say that the quality of games on Android has improved since the early days is an understatement, but great graphics alone don’t make a title worth the time investment. It’s the gameplay that keeps folks coming back for more. One guy decided to take the concept of taking the trip down gaming memory lane a step further by building his own Android arcade machine.


What’s that you say? You want to install Android apps on your old devices, but Google Play won’t work? Have no fear, for we have the next best option: virtualization. That’s... right! An Android emulator is running amuck on the range, so let’s rope in the details and get right down to business.

There are 3, count them, three separate APK’s for this function...


We all appreciate the effort put in by an increasing number of game developers who have been optimizing classic PC games for mobile devices, such as Painkiller: Purgatory HD or Max Payne. This... customization for touchscreen interfaces usually provides the best user experience for gamers. But sometimes, game ports and emulators work just as well, even though they requires a little more work on t...