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Apple’s 2012 profit crushed the combined profits of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon and Ebay

by: AdrianNovember 27, 2012
There’s a lot of Apple hate going on in the comments section of our website (sometimes justified, sometimes not as much), but if there’s one thing fanboys, Android enthusiasts and neutral tech lovers can’t deny is Cupertino’s ability of turning everything it touches into gold.
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Mobile payments booming this Thanksgiving; eBay, PayPal report massive growth over last year

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 24, 2012
According to eBay and PayPal (a subsidiary of eBay), Thanksgiving 2012 brought a 2.5-fold in the global volume of mobile transactions over the same day of 2011. Also, the number of customers that used tablets or smartphones to shop this Thanksgiving was 164% higher than last year.
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Nexus 4 smartphone already making the overpriced debut on eBay

by: Robert NelsonNovember 13, 2012
Today, November 13 is the launch day of the LG Nexus 4. And on that note, we are either seeing a case of great demand or limited inventory. But regardless of the reason, the handset is quickly selling out and in turn finding its way to eBay in the form of overpriced listings.
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Get 25% off any smartphone on contract via Best Buy Mobile’s eBay Store until December 9th

by: Joe HindyNovember 10, 2012
Looking for a deal on a new smartphone? Until December 9th, you can get 25% off any smartphone on Best Buy Mobile's eBay site with a new 2-year agreement. This is an excellent way for people to get the latest smartphones that haven't yet dropped in price, like the new Galaxy Note II.
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Best Buy, eBay team up ahead of Black Friday to offer 25% discount on any Android smartphone

by: Chris SmithNovember 7, 2012
We have just shown you an interesting Black Friday Android deal – that $0.96 Galaxy S3 offer from Sam’s Club – but in order to get it you’ll have to wait for November 23 and walk into a store to secure your unit, as online orders won’t be available.
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eBay Daily Deals has 16GB unlocked Galaxy Note 2 for $579

by: Joshua VergaraNovember 5, 2012
The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is on eBay's Daily Deals for today at the awesome price for $579, making this deal almost $75 less than other inexpensive finds.
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Better user interface part of new eBay 2.0 app for Android

by: Gary SimsSeptember 13, 2012
Any true eBay aficionado not only uses the popular online store and auction site from their desktop computer, but also from their mobile phone. eBay released the international version of its Android app a couple of years ago and now it has updated the app (calling it V2.0) with a fresh new user interface. Don't worry, the changes aren't major, it is still the same familiar app, but the UI is more polished.
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Best Android apps for buying or selling on Craigslist and eBay

by: Dan EvansJuly 18, 2012

Unless you’re strict on spring cleaning, chances are you’ve got a lot of stuff lying around that you really don’t need. If you’ve finally gathered the strength to part with them, there are a number of options available to you to get rid of them. You can give them to friends and family who need the items more than you do, for example. You can also donate items to the less fortunate. Of course, there’s the option of simply shucking your useless stuff into the trashcan. While all those are fast and effective ways of uncluttering your space, they don’t give you back the money you spent on those things.

“One’s trash is [...]

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QUICK for eBay & Craigslist: Convenience and greater exposure for buyers and sellers

by: Carl ParkerJuly 17, 2012

Believe it or not, being in the buy-and-sell business requires a lot of patience. Patience in putting up your item’s description, photos, price and maybe applying some tactics to attract buyers. You also need patience in waiting for somebody’s offer to buy your item, patience in dealing with your buyer’s questions, and patience on the day of the actual meet. Whether you are a seasoned seller or an experienced buyer, patience is key to a successful transaction. And, adding to your already patient self is an inventive way to buy and sell stuff easily and conveniently.

Imagine buying and selling done in the quickest and most convenient way that [...]

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Google Nexus 7 eBay listings turn up, tablet not quite so affordable for everyone

by: Chris SmithJune 28, 2012

Google’s first tablet ever was unveiled only yesterday during the company’s first Google I/O keynote, and one day later we have spotted several Google Nexus 7 eBay listings that will certainly be appreciated by those of you that can’t pre-order the device from Google Play at this time.

While most of these listings will let buyers pre-order the Google Nexus 7 for a marked up price, there are various offers that include one of the Google Nexus 7 tablets that were given for free to all Google I/O attendees. We’ll remind you that you can pre-order the device from Google Play for $199 and $249, for the 8GB and 16GB version, [...]

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