QUICK for eBay & Craigslist: Convenience and greater exposure for buyers and sellers

by 2 years ago

Believe it or not, being in the buy-and-sell business requires a lot of patience. Patience in putting up your item’s description, photos, price and maybe applying some tactics to attract buyers. You also need patience in waiting for somebody’s offer to buy your item, patience in dealing with your buyer’s questions, and patience on the day of the actual meet. Whether you are a seasoned seller or an experienced buyer, patience is key to a successful transaction. And, adding to your already patient self is an inventive way to buy and sell stuff easily and conveniently. Imagine buying and selling…

Google Nexus 7 eBay listings turn up, tablet not quite so affordable for everyone

by 2 years ago

Google’s first tablet ever was unveiled only yesterday during the company’s first Google I/O keynote, and one day later we have spotted several Google Nexus 7 eBay listings that will certainly be appreciated by those of you that can’t pre-order the device from Google Play at this time. While most of these listings will let buyers pre-order the Google Nexus 7 for a marked up price, there are various offers that include one of the Google Nexus 7 tablets that were given for free to all Google I/O attendees. We’ll remind you that you can pre-order the device from Google…

Deal alert – Samsung Galaxy Nexus priced at $370 on eBay, get it while it lasts

samsung galaxy nexus price
by 2 years ago

Those of you who want to get their hands on a brand new Samsung / Google Galaxy Nexus but find that its $400 price tag on Google Play just a bit too much will be glad to learn that eBay now offers the 16GB unlocked version for just $370. This deal is part of eBay’s Daily Deals and will expire soon, so hurry up and make use of it. Free shipping is included, but you’ll need to add $63 extra for a two year warranty (personally, I advise you get one). As far as the estimated delivery date is concerned,…