If your idea of a relaxing evening after a hard day’s work is to load up some action games on your Android devices, you must have heard of Dead Space, the third-person shooter from EA that takes place in a Necromorph-infested space station. For a limited time only, Dead Space is being discounted on Google Play.


Game developer and publisher, Zynga, looks to be in serious trouble as CEO, Mark Pincus, reveals plans to shut down studios in Boston, the UK, and Japan. The firm is also closing down 13 games and laying off over 100 staff at its Austin studio. The remaining workforce will be cut by 5 percent.


Tetris is one of the most iconic mobile games in history. That may be a bold statement, but it’s no less true. While titles like “Angry Birds” are some of the games that truly made smartphone and tablet gaming big, the OG Gameboy and Tetris had even more of a long-term impact on the handheld gaming industry.

real racer 3

Racing games fans know Real Racing, the mobile franchise from Electronic Arts, developed by its Australian studio Firemint. Last week, it was revealed that EA merged Firemint with its other mobile development studio in Australia, Iron Monkey, the makers of Need for Speed for iOS, to form one big mobile studio, aptly dubbed Firemonkeys. The first project of the new Firemonkeys team is Real Racing 3, a stunning-looking arcade racer that promises to push the boundaries of mobile gaming. Firemonkeys released a trailer for the upcoming game on their Facebook page, and it looks nothing short of amazing. I had…

electronic arts strike force html5 game

Although EA pulled their games from the Google+ game store for lack of user interest (I don’t think Google+ users like playing Flash games that much, and they don’t like getting spammed like in Facebook, either), it seems that the video games giant will still partner with Google to release a sophisticated 3D multiplayer game for Chrome and ICS devices, that surprisingly is not made in Native Client, but in HTML5. I say that’s surprising because, so far, I’ve only seen good looking 3D games for browsers that were done in Native Client (written in C++), like Bastion or AirMech….


Just a few days after holding an exclusive, exciting and exquisite “Games for Guys” sale, EA have hit us Android fans with an even cooler discount. In fact, we’re dealing with not one, but two discounts for a couple of titles that you probably would have never thought were going to have their prices slashed so soon. Mass Effect: Infiltrator and NBA Jam are both available for purchase over on Google Play for just $0.99, which is practically free if you think about it. The discounts  are part of the Google Longest Day Deals. Then again, why wonder about reasons…


If you want to give your dad’s tie rack a break and not buy him yet another neutral color tie for Father’s Day this year – consider what EA Games is offering on Google Play – the “Games for Guys” sale. It sounds like the cool gift for the 21st century dads is the gift of apps. Assuming your dad owns an Android device and likes to play a game or two on his spare time, the following games from EA come highly recommended. And because they’re being heavily discounted by up to 40%, it’s even more reason to get…


For a company whose mantra is “It’s in the game”, Electronic Arts hasn’t quite been in the game when it comes to tapping into the enormous potential of the freemium games market. This was actually admitted by EA’s head of mobile and social studios Nick Earl. During an interview with AllThingsD, Earl candidly said that it took the company a long time to move over from the premium games model to the freemium one. A change of strategy is in the cards, as EA plans to make freemium games its main bread and butter. “There will be a few one-time…