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Sony Xperia Ion vs. Motorola Droid 4

by: Brandon SobottaJanuary 14, 2012

Now that the dust has settled from CES, we can dig in and look at some of the new Android tech. Sony and Motorola had many big announcements at CES, with the Motorola Droid 4 (D4) and the Sony Xperia Ion (ION) among them. Motorola and Sony have both been working with Android from early on so I expect a lot from these phones. When comparing them, you will notice some drastic differences that I will explain the significance of and how these differences will affect you when choosing one over the other.


At the core of each phone are the CPU, GPU, and RAM; this is the heart and soul of each phone. If you buy a phone that is lacking in these departments [...]

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Droid 4 Cases begin making their way into indirect Verizon Retailers

by: AlexanderJanuary 2, 2012

Hopefully this means the Droid 4 is pretty close on the horizon? I don’t know about you, but I wish Motorola and Verizon would release this phone already. But unfortunately all we have for you are an image of Droid 4 cases at an indirect Verizon retailer, no other news.

But normally when we see accessories for a specific phone start to surface it means the said device will be released very soon. I expect to see the Droid 4 announced and shown off at CES later this month and hopefully a release coming within the next month. So hopefully you die hard Motorola Droid fans can get your Droid 4 by February. It seems everyday we are seeing more pictures and rumors of [...]

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Motorola Droid 3 and Several other Verizon Phones to get EOL Treatment soon?

by: AlexanderJanuary 1, 2012

Alright so we all know the Droid 4 is on it’s way, but it is taking it’s sweet time getting to Verizon stores and becoming available for us all to buy. So with the Droid 4’s soon release, it would make sense that Big Red would want to kill of the Droid 3 and talk it’s customers that want a physical keyboard into buying the Droid 4, which features Verizon’s fast 4G LTE network. According to a report from The Verge today, it looks like the 6-month old Droid 3 is being put on the End-Of-Life (EOL) list very soon with a few other Verizon phones. Along with the Droid 3 we will be saying good bye to the LG Revolution, Blackberry Curve 3G, and Palm Pre [...]

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Best Buy Spills the Beans on the Droid 4 on Rewards Zone Site

by: AlexanderDecember 28, 2011

Looks like someone at Best Buy messed up! As you can tell from the picture above, Best Buy is advertising the Droid 4 on its Rewards Zone website, along with a flagship phone from the other three major US carriers. While Verizon put ice on the Droid 4 release date already, looks like someone at Verizon forgot to tell the folks at Best Buy. So the purchase of a Droid 4 won’t be earning you 5,000 Rewards points anytime soon, unfortunately, but for all you QWERTY fanatics out there, who cares?

This isn’t the first time Best Buy has let things slip. Before the Galaxy Nexus was announced, we all remember the rumored name of the Nexus Prime, then Samsung [...]

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Droid RAZR MAXX Shows Up In Verizon’s Inventory

by: Matthew SabatiniDecember 21, 2011

Just days after the Motorola Droid RAZR was released on Verizon, rumors started to surface about variants of the device. By itself, the RAZR is easily one of the most powerful devices on the market today. Therefore, these variants could push the device over the edge if they get an Ice Cream Sandwich update as well. In addition to the standard Droid RAZR, the white version has already made its way into the market. Furthermore, we began hearing rumors of a Droid 4 not long ago. This device would pack a 1.2GHz dual core processor, a 1GB DDR2 RAM, a 1785 mAh battery and a 4″ qHD display. The Droid 4 could be coming out as early as the 22nd of December. Finally, the Droid [...]

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DROID 4 Launch Rumored for Same Day as Galaxy Nexus

by: JoseNovember 25, 2011

It seems like the list of gadgets that will lure us this holiday season is growing. The Motorola DROID 4 might be an addition to the list if Verizon will indeed push through with the December 8 release date.

There are a lot of speculations right now that the DROID 4 will have the same release date as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  A tipster has leaked information about the twin release to Droid Life:

The Galaxy Nexus is using Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich while the DROID 4 is supposed to have Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. There will be a big chance that Motorola will be upgrading the DROID 4 to Ice Cream Sandwich. But, having the same release date as the [...]

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Motorola Droid 4 Appears in a Variety of Verizon Systems – What is the Release Date?

by: AlexanderNovember 8, 2011

We started seeing leaks of the Droid 4 over the last couple of weeks, but this leak is kind of surprising. The Droid 4 is now popping up in not just one, but a few different Verizon Systems. But the interesting thing is, we have not heard of any specs at all for the Droid 4 in any of the leaks. But the leaked image of the Droid 4 does look like it’s ready for another Verizon release. According to the leaked image in the device manager below, it is 4G capable, but other than that we do not know to much about it.

It looks as if Verizon is doing their best to keep their word about releasing a new Android phone every week for the rest of 2011. We already have [...]

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Images of the Droid 4 leaked with LTE & Super AMOLED – What the Droid 3 Should Have Been?

by: Brandon SobottaOctober 28, 2011

It seems to be a common theme of Motorola as of recently, that when a new phone is being launched, leaks of a future phone find their way to the public. It happened when the Bionic was about to be released; the Bionic was pictured with the soon to be released Droid RAZR. Now that the RAZR is about to be released, images of the Droid 4 have been leaked to the good folks over at Droid-Life. The Droid 3 was criticized by enthusiasts for its pentile screen, lack of 4G, locked bootloader, and its “limited” 512MB Ram (1GB seems to be the standard for dual core phones). Motorola seems to have fixed most of these issues with the Droid 4, assuming that the new screen is not [...]

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