Zynga in trouble with mass layoffs and studio closures

by 1 year ago

Game developer and publisher, Zynga, looks to be in serious trouble as CEO, Mark Pincus, reveals plans to shut down studios in Boston, the UK, and Japan. The firm is also closing down 13 games and laying off over 100 staff at its Austin studio. The remaining workforce will be cut by 5 percent.

Draw Something gets updated with new look and gameplay features

by 2 years ago

A quick question for fans of Draw Something, do you still doodle on a daily basis? If you said no, it seems you’re not the only one who have become disenchanted with the game. In the last few months, Appdata reveals that the number of daily users of the game has dropped from a 14 million high to just 7.6 million users. With Draw Something’s star getting dimmer by the day, it’s only to be expected that Zynga and OMGPOP are trying to inject some new excitement back into the game, coupled with a “fresh new look!” Some new features of…

Facebook gaming shows first signs of weakness

by 2 years ago

It’s funny how some companies manage to rise to unbelievable heights in one quarter, only to hit all-time lows the next one. Zynga, the social game developer that has gained most of its profits (and popularity) by developing games for the Facebook platform, turns out to be one of these companies. Shares of the company have dropped to their lowest level since the December IPO (initial public offering). Today, Zynga shares are evaluated at just $4.98, a whole 50% off Zynga’s IPO price of $10. Even more disappointing is the fact that each share has depreciated threefold since their record…

Draw Assistant: for people who need to cheat at Draw Something

by 2 years ago

OMGPOP recently took over Google Play and the App Store with its smash hit “Draw Something”. The social drawing game received over 10 million downloads on Google Play alone in just a few weeks. However, the game has one drawback – it requires you to actually draw! Those of us who are not artists (meaning, we couldn’t draw a stickman to save our life) or don’t have a Galaxy Note stylus, are left “drawing” “pictures” that are nearly impossible for our friends to understand. But worry not! Draw Something Assistant by Scoompa will fix all your drawing problems. More specifically,…

Draw Something gets new “drawsome” features

draw something
by 2 years ago

Draw Something, the app that has united millions of iOS and Android device owners in a world-spanning doodling frenzy, has received some major updates yesterday. So what has OMGPOP, now owned by Zynga (after splashing out $180 million) added to the game? As far as cosmetic changes go, the updated Draw Something has a new snazzy intro and nicer graphics. In terms of functional enhancements, the biggest change is the fact that players can now leave comments to others once they finished their masterpiece. You can say sorry in advance for your potentially terrible depiction of Kate Winslet or brag about…

Draw Something reaches 50 million downloads; over 3 billion sketches made

by 2 years ago

  The advent of the smartphone brought along a huge surge in mobile gaming. No longer were we limited by the lack of processing power. Mobile games have gone from simple, though very popular in “their time”, versions of Tetris and Snake, to HD graphics versions of Grand Theft Auto and Duke Nukem. But, sometimes, it is the simplest of games, which rely on good gameplay over flashy graphics, that become the most popular. Think Angry Birds and Words with Friends. We now have a new champion in this category, which is the hugely popular “Draw Something”. The Pictionary-like game, created…

Steve Jobs proven wrong? The stylus is making a comeback, fueled by Draw Something and other stylus-friendly apps

by 2 years ago

“If you see a stylus, they blew it”. One of the most famous quotes of the recent years in the technology world came from Steve Jobs in 2010 and seemed to define the direction in which tablets and smartphones should move forward. Two years later, though, a Bloomberg report confirms what I for one have been saying for a long time -the stylus is a great, fun tool to use with your smartphone or tablet of choice and, given the right app, right stylus, and right device, it can become popular again. Well, the devices are there (the Samsung Galaxy…

Zynga is fattening up the cash cow: Draw Something to get big update

by 2 years ago

The rising giant of the casual gaming world, Zynga, has recently acquired OMGPOP, the struggling game developer behind the hugely popular Draw Something game for Android and iOS. Now, it seems that Zynga is hard at work whipping Draw Something into even better form, to ensure that the Pictionary-style game maintains its momentum. Just days after the $180 million acquisition was announced, we found out that a huge update to Draw Something is coming, one that has the game’s legions of fans very excited. And for good reason – the upcoming features will give the game some much needed polish. If you…

Draw Something fever hits Android and iOS – 20 million downloads and counting

by 2 years ago

As a game developer, you know you hit it big when your app has been downloaded 20 million times! You know that hit it “OMG! big” when your game reaches 20 million downloads in just five weeks. We’re talking about Draw Something, the game that induced owners of Android and iOS devices into a frenzied doodling state. Given that it only took five weeks for Draw Something to accumulate that huge number of downloads, it’s fair to say that OMGPOP (the maker of the app) is off to a good start this year, with the game ruling both the Google Play and…