Dolphin Browser celebrates 80 million installs with new version

dolphin browser
by 1 year ago

The first thing you’ll definitely notice is a cleaner, more elegant design. You now can swipe to get to menus or history, for example and you can populate your Dolphin Browser home screen with the web apps you need closer to you, for easy access. The even nicer part is that apps can be grouped into folders, by just dragging them one on top of the other, so you can keep things better organized.

Dolphin Browser HD reaches version 8.7, changes name to “Dolphin Browser”

by 1 year ago

The Dolphin Browser has been one of Android’s users favorite third-party browsers. Formerly known as Dolphin Browser HD, it’s now changing its name to Dolphin Browser in an effort to simplify things. The change starts with version 8.7 and it brings a series of improvements as well. The new version includes a cleaner address bar that gives more search suggestions, a better interface for tablets, and “larger space for big thumbs and small keypads.” The new update also allows for easier bookmark management and deletion of unwanted bookmarks, a shortcut directly to the Sonar, as well as “stability and performance improvements.” The launch…

Dolphin Browser is “highest performing HTML5” mobile browser, Dolphin Engine in Beta available to download

by 2 years ago

In a recently published post on the company blog, Dolphin said that its Dolphin Browser, a popular mobile browser for mobile devices including Android smartphones and tablets, is the “highest performing HTML5” mobile browser out there. The company compared its product with various other browsers, across a variety of platforms, including Opera, Chrome Beta, Firefox, Windows Phone 7.5, MeeGo, Android 4.0, BlackBerry OS 7, Bada 2.0, Nokia Belle FP1, webOS 2.2, and Android 2.3, and found it to be the better browser. At the same time, the company announced the availability of Dolphin Engine (in Beta), “an improved webkit version…