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Finding the perfect web browser can be a challenge because they all have such widely different features. In this list, we’d like to help you find the best.

dophin android browser

Developed by Mobotap, the Dolphin mobile browser for Android and iOS devices was one of the first alternatives to the standard Android browser. It introduced innovative features such as support for browser tabs, support for add-ons, gesture-based commands, and voice commands. It has become one of the most popular third-party Android browsers. With the latest Android Dolphin Browser 8 Beta version, the developers have made significant design changes to provide a more polished and better browsing experience, while also making it easier to access various settings. Some of the new features include: Bottom Menu Bar – The Menu Bar is…


Update – We have a new list of the best Android browsers, check it out! There are so many Android browsers out there today, and each one claims to be better than the last. Some offer great experiences, whilst others boast that they are simple and just get the job done. I’ve been through many browsers in the last two years, and found a great set of them to showcase to you. So without ado, these are the best Android browsers of 2012!


Another week, another fine set of statistics released by the folks at StatCounter. According to the Internet analytics firm, as reported by Tom’s Guide, the Android browser has finally taken the lead over its competitors and is now the top mobile browser in the world. By taking a 22.67 percent share of the pie in February 2012, it bested Opera’s 21.7 percent by a small margin.

Dolphin Sonar Android Browser

We asked and you answered. According to our February poll, Dolphin is the favorite Android browser of our readers. And there are plenty of reasons to love Dolphin, from the blazing-fast navigation, to the intuitive way to access bookmarks and the support for add-ons. Another cool thing about Dolphin is how easy it is to control your browsing experience using nothing but gestures. Being a Webkit-based browser, Dolphin naturally supports the swipes and zooms that we all know and love, but the app also lets you  assign custom gestures to websites, for quick access. Want to go to Facebook? Just…


Living in a state where there are no professional sports teams and the college football teams are less than impressive, a Bostonian has limited options when Sunday rolls around in New Mexico. Sport TV NFL App by SportOnNet has literally changed my life when it comes to game days and viewer mobility. Last weekend, I enjoyed a classic Patriots victory displayed on a LCD TV via my Android device and the live streaming capabilities of this app. How is this possible? When opening Sport TV NFL app, a list of the current games available for live-streaming are presented. An internet…


[ Update 2011-10-30: After reading the October 28 version of our report about the privacy issue, the Dolphin Browser's PR team reached out to us and informed us that the issue has been "100% fixed."  In a private message, a PR representative emphatically noted that the browser "never tracked browsing history" and that "there has been absolutely no breach in user privacy or security."  The app's developer also issued an updated version of the app.  The updated version reportedly temporarily disables the Webzine feature, which seemed to be the crux of the whole issue.  MoboTap published a complete explanation of...