Display guru pens glowing review of the Galaxy S5’s screen

samsung galaxy s5 2
by 4 months ago

According to display expert Raymond Soneira, the Galaxy S5’s display is the best display DisplayMate ever tested. Not only is the Galaxy S5 a marked improvement over the Galaxy S4 in almost all aspects, but it’s also better than the Note 3, another device that gained Soneira’s praises.

Do we need smartphones with 4K displays?

How far we've come, a 110" 4K HDTV
by 5 months ago

With the move to QHD smartphones expected this year, we explore what, if any, benefits increasing display resolutions has for image quality, and if the trend towards 4K is really necessary for mobile devices.

Rumor: Apple working on large screen iPhone, Android manufacturers right all along

sony xperia z ultra aa display specs
by 9 months ago

For several years Apple was the industry leader for display technology innovations and managed to bring these advancements regularly to the consumer market. It was the first company to release a smartphone with a pixel density greater than 300 ppi, and it was the first company to release a tablet with a QXGA (2048 x 1536) resolution. However recently Apple has been falling behind and the latest iterations of the iPhone are still using the same displays found in the 2012 versions of the device, while the new iterations of devices from companies like Samsung and LG have always improved on…