Samsung promises to open up its Exynos chipset some more

by 1 year ago

Many developers are shying away from working their magic on Exynos-based devices due to Samsung’s reluctance to share proper documentations and sources for its chipset. Following its promise to come up with a solution, it seems Samsung is ready to open its Exynos playground – albeit partially.

Symbian in “maintenance mode.” Is this the end of the line for the platform?

Nokia Symbian devices
by 1 year ago

You’ve got to hand it to Symbian. It held the top smartphone spot for quite some time until Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android eventually toppled the platform in terms of user base. I had been a big fan of Symbian since its early EPOC days, and I’ve had my share of Symbian-powered smartphones from the Symbian-powered Nokia communicator series to a 2008 E-series, which was my last Symbian device.

Google reminds developers that smartphones aren’t the only Android devices

by 1 year ago

It was recently revealed that only 5% of new Android activations are tablets, while daily a staggering 1.2 million Android smartphones are activated. However that still means that 70,000 or so tablets are activated every day, which after a quick bit of calculation, means nearly 2 million Android tablets are activated every month. Google has published some new tips urging developers to optimize their apps for tablets, as well as smartphones, as it forecasts that the number of Android tablet users, will grow which in turn offers developers new opportunities for monetization.

Big Android BBQ Session Schedule Announced

by 1 year ago

The dates for the Big Android BBQ in the Dallas, TX are right around the corner. With the event approaching fast, the folks behind the conference have released the upcoming sessions schedule for all to see. They have something for all types of Android fans attending. Whether you’re a developer and looking for the latest trends, trying to find ways to monetize Android, or a general Android enthusiast looking to geek out and have a good time, they’ll be plenty of sessions for you. If you’re looking for a more personal, casual approach, the Big Android BBQ staff have you…

Forget passwords on Android with OAuth 2.0 from Google

by 1 year ago

Google Play Services is rolling out OAuth 2.0 for strong security without passwords. The basic idea is to streamline the user experience and ditch that irritating sign in. Developers who implement OAuth 2.0 will be able to enable their apps or games to authenticate your device through your Google account. So, in effect you’ll enter your password for Google once and that will be it.

Android Authority Developer Interviews: Moborobo

by 1 year ago

In our latest Developer Interview, we’ve sat down with Frank Chen, the CEO of Moborobo Inc. Moborobo is an impressive management tool for PC and Mac that lets you easily synchronize, manage, and transfer your Android data. We’ve discussed about developing for Android, the challenges and rewards of working on Android, monetization, and other hot issues for Android developers.

Full Android 4.1 Jelly Bean SDK available for developers

by 2 years ago

Good news, Android developers, the full Android 4.1 Jelly Bean SDK can be downloaded now from your SDK Manager – a preview Jelly Bean SDK version has been available since Google I/O. The company made the announcement a few hours ago on its Google+ page and now you can take advantage of the full SDK to create Jelly Bean apps, update your existing apps to support Google’s latest mobile operating system and optimize them for Nexus 7 use: We are pleased to announce that the full SDK for Android 4.1 is now available to developers and can be downloaded through…

Developer Interview: Dace Howell of Avatron Software

by 2 years ago

A lot of work goes into making an app. First, you have to come up with an idea. And not just any idea, your idea should be unique and fun if you want to make it big. Then, you have to put days, weeks, and months of work into development. Unless, of course, you were thinking about paying someone else to do it. In this case, your wallet would be feeling the pain instead of your brain. Finally, after you have chosen a price and done some competition research, you still have to pick an app market. To give us…