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Here’s how we’re already living in 1984

by Adam Sinicki 1 day ago0 comments

Are smartphones still getting faster? Does Moore’s law still apply?

by Adam Sinicki 2 days ago0 comments

The history of Android OS: its name, origin and more

by John Callaham 4 days ago0 comments

Why manufacturers should experiment more – the innovations that became a hit

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Dell Thunder 8MP Android smartphone with 4.1-inch display

Dell Thunder via Engadget Engadget have very recently posted a video of the Dell Thunder, last seen back in April. The video reveals most of the ...
by James TromansAugust 12, 2010

Dell Streak available 13 August $550

Dell Streak Despite its availability within the UK, Dell have only just announced the US release date of the Streak. The Dell Streak is a 5-inch ...
by James TromansAugust 10, 2010

Dell Streak running Android 2.1

Android 2.1 on Dell Streak The Dell Streak has been available in the UK for a while now, plodding away running Android 1.6. It isn’t even ...
by James TromansAugust 6, 2010

Dell Streak now comes in 32GB flavor in the UK

Dell Streak - Photo credit: O2 UK is now offering its second variant of the Dell Streak, a 32GB model.  The 32GB model joins the 16GB ...
by Derek ScottJuly 29, 2010

Dell Aero coming to AT&T within two weeks

Dell Aero AT&T and Dell officially announced the Dell Aero earlier this year, but we now know that it will become available on the 9th August. This ...
by James TromansJuly 28, 2010

Dell Streak 5-inch Android tablet-like smartphone on sale this week

Dell Streak - Photo credit: The Dell Streak, an Android smartphone that looks like a mini tablet, is set to go on sale this week ...
by Derek ScottJuly 27, 2010

Android-powered Dell Streak heading to AT&T?

Dell Streak - Photo credit: The stars look to be aligning for a possible Dell Streak offering on AT&T this month.  Engadget is ...
by Derek ScottJuly 15, 20101

Dell Streak Android tablet unlocked and available for purchase

Dell Streak - Photo credit: Dell has started offering its Streak Android tablet unlocked over the pond in the UK.  This oversized ...
by Derek ScottJune 29, 20101

Dell Streak / Mini 5 heading to O2 UK, Carphone Warehouse. Coming to U.S. this summer

Dell Streak - Photo credit: Dell has announced that its Android-powered Streak tablet, also known as the Dell Mini 5, will be available ...
by Michael OrylMay 25, 2010

Dell Aero Launching with AT&T

Dell Aero 3 The Dell Aero has recently been announced as AT&T’s second Android smartphone. Sure, they were a little late to get into the ...
by James TromansMarch 23, 2010169
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