When are carriers going to offer a data only plan?

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by 1 year ago

As our data demands grow, the carriers are moving the goalposts once again. The new shared data plans from AT&T and Verizon want to meter your data usage. A lot of people are wondering why there’s no data-only plan available on the market. Well, you can rest assured that it’s coming soon, but will it be affordable? Not if the major carriers have a say.

AT&T new Mobile Share plans to kick in on August 23

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by 1 year ago

Last month, AT&T revealed the first details about its upcoming shared data plans, stating that the new pricing scheme will come into effect by the end of August. Now the carrier has announced that the Mobile Share plans will become available to customers starting August 23. AT&T’s Mobile Share plans (just like Verizon’s similar Share Everything offer) will allow customers to use one pool of minutes, text, and data on up to 10 devices, of which one must be a smartphone. One important difference between the shared plans of America’s two largest carriers is the fact that AT&T won’t force…

AT&T announces new Mobile Share plans, to launch in late August

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by 2 years ago

We knew for a while that AT&T would eventually follow Verizon’s example and move to a shared data model for its plans but we now have the official details. Today, the carrier announced that starting this fall, customers will be able to choose new Mobile Share data plans that come with unlimited talk and text and a common pool of data that can be shared between up to 10 devices. AT&T’s new scheme is quite similar to Verizon’s Share Everything plan – both plans have tiers for data, with the price per gigabyte being higher for the lower tiers. In…