Touchdroid Breaks Ground, HP TouchPad with Android Now Responds to Ten-finger Input

by 2 years ago

We saw it coming. We just didn’t expect it to be this quick. The Touchdroid team has now made touchscreen input work on the HP TouchPad with Android running on the device. The Touchdroid team announced the news on Twitter just a few hours ago and even uploaded a video demonstrating the functional touchscreen.  This, despite having gone through issues concerning misuse of funds and misrepresentation of the team. Getting the Android-running HP TouchPad’s screen to respond to finger input has been one of the basic hurdles that Touchdroid and other similar teams of developers have been working on. The…

CyanogenMod 7 Now Boots on Samsung DROID Charge

by 2 years ago

Samsung has hired CyanogenMod to improve their Android devices. Lately, a concocted version of CyanogenMod 7 is booting on the Samsung DROID Charge. However, there are still a lot to consider before its official public release. CyanogenMod has only given us the information about the things that are working. What effectively works are as follows: Power button Volume rocker Home and Back button Touchscreen Wi-Fi (which as of the state, turns on but does not connect) Accelerometer CyanogenMod is a customized firmware for a number of Android devices. It is designed to improve and increase performance and reliability of Android-based…

Early Gift for the Droid Geeks: Android Dual-boots with webOS on HP TouchPad

by 2 years ago

The Touchdroid project development team finally cracked a solution for multi-boot functionality on the now-out-of-stock-because-of-dirt-cheap-price-cut HP TouchPad–and the team has a demo video showing off its work. The demo video shows that the HP TouchPad can now dual-boot webOS and Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. The Touchdroid team announced the availability of the demo video on RootzWiki, along with appreciation for growing involvement from many developers. The Touchdroid project has “turned into a large group effort,” said RootzWiki member rhcp011235. Touchscreen interaction still does not work–and the team has that crucial functionality on the top of its list. The CyanogenMod team, which…

Why You’d Want to Buy an HP TouchPad When the Next Batch Arrives

by 2 years ago

To me, it was the ridiculously low fire sale price and the potential for running Android that made the HP TouchPad gain back a heartbeat after its maker pronounced it dead. Within just hours after HP announced the lower prices for a product it no longer wishes to continue producing, retailers selling the device ran out of stock quickly. Even HP’s own online store and its company-owned outlets quickly ran out of units. Thousands of queuing customers didn’t get their hands on the HP TouchPad. They simply fell in line too late. And, right now, a lot of them are…

How to Flash Custom ROMs on Your Android Phone

by 2 years ago

If you’ve rooted your Android phone, you’re most likely interested in a few custom ROMs. The problem is that many people interested in flashing custom ROMs are not sure how to go about getting started. In this post, I will run you through the general steps of flashing custom ROMs. You can follow along with the instructional video I’ve included at the end. Your phone must be rooted so that you can perform the steps in this guide.  If you have a non-rooted your phone, this guide will result in an epic fail.  Android Authority has numerous rooting guides for…

CyanogenMod Also Coming to HP TouchPad

by 2 years ago

Like the programmers working on the TouchDroid project, the CyanogenMod developer team is also working hard to bring both Android and the CyanogenMod custom ROM to the HP TouchPad. The team has released a video showing the fruits of its labor so far. Here’s the video showing CyanogenMod with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread on an HP TouchPad. The current version doesn’t support touchscreen input yet, but the CyanogenMod team is currently working on a touchscreen driver. CyanogenMod or Android on an HP TouchPad would be useless if the touchscreen doesn’t respond to input. The video that was released, however, does not…

Why Is Samsung Recruiting the Best ROM Developers?

by 2 years ago

Samsung is the best manufacturer right now to take on Apple, which is why Apple is being so aggressive against them lately. Their hardware is top notch and improving significantly each year, they have a good brand name, and can also distribute their devices in over 130 countries. But there’s one element that hasn’t been so great throughout most of its history, and that is their Touchwiz skin. Although, it has constantly improved and new features have been added, I think a lot of people could live without it. This, and the fact that they want to be as good…

Cyanogen Mod Brings Android 2.3.5 To The Motorola Triumph

by 2 years ago

The Motorola Triumph is one of the better handsets in the market right now. It’s got a decent 4.1-inch WVGA screen, nice 2GB of storage, and a fairly reasonable $300 price tag. The main problem with it is that it only uses vanilla Froyo. This puts it at a disadvantage compared to phones that are packing Gingerbread. There are also several advantages that aren’t available to Froyo users, like a better and improved interface and others. Unfortunately, Motorola hasn’t announced any plans to upgrade the phone to a more modern OS, which is a pity. Well, here’s some good news…

CyanogenMod Makes You The Overlord Of Your Android Installation

by 3 years ago

Recently, Google’s been cracking down on rogue apps and doing the usual clean up of security issues.  One of the basic foundations of Android security is app permissions. App permissions for Android are a funny thing – this is because when you click “accept” on that EULA, you usually accept everything that an app wants. Well, that isn’t exactly fair – you may want the app to access some of your data, but you probably don’t want it to mess around with all of your data. That’s how invasions of privacy happen after all. Well, if you have access the…

Latest Cyanogenmod hits the Motorola DROID

by 4 years ago

Weekend warriors with a Motorola DROID can point their browsers to the Cyanogenmod forums where Koush has ported the latest Cyanogenmod to the Motorola DROID. Other than having to switch to Clockwork recovery, the install is pretty straightforward for the experienced flasher and the resulting ROM is reportedly fast and super stable. If you take the plunge, your first impressions on this latest DROID ROM are welcome in the comments.