Samsung’s Flexible and Transparent Display [Video]

by 2 years ago

In the past, numerous rumors have surfaced about flexible displays from Samsung and even Nokia. However, since then, not much more information has come out about those two specific products. Instead, Samsung is throwing yet another concept display into the rumor mill. However, this time, the Korean company has thrown in a video. After all, seeing is believing, right? Right off the bat, the device looks very futuristic. In addition, the screen is transparent, flexible, and even a little 3D. Keep in mind that the video is a concept video and this “device” is clearly no where near ready for…

Brand Table Speeds Up Fast Food Service Via NFC Technology

by 2 years ago

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has been talked about for a while now. However, no one has truly shown what they can do with this new technology. Just recently, S-Digital has done just the opposite of that with its new product called Brand Table.  You can obviously tell by the name that S-Digital will be improving the fast-food industry. The new technology takes new NFC-capable smartphones such as the Galaxy Nexus, and allows for hungry people to go to “Brand Tables” to scan their phones. After doing just that, the fast food company’s menu will appear on the users’ phone…

Android Smartphone Concept Features Rotating Twin Displays

by 2 years ago

Created by designer Abhi Muktheeswarar, this extremely modern concept, dubbed the “Rotatable Twin Touch Display Mobile Phone”, is an interesting take on an old concept. It’s designed to bring about the best of all worlds, and give the user tons of screen real estate to work with. We all know that using touchscreens is both a curse and a blessing. This rotatable twin touch display design will give the user unprecedented flexibility to do whatever they want – except worry about battery life. With two capacitive touch screen displays on board, users will be able to use one screen as…

Conceptual Ice Cream Sandwich Theme For Your Android Installation

android-ice-cream-sandwich (1)
by 2 years ago

The next iteration of the Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich, is still in development, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no anticipation for the product. The prospective design shifts and operational improvements should be a boon for any Android user. Still, the waiting can make a few people impatient. This is why some enterprising hacker has cooked up their own conceptual theme for it. @AndroidAtNight on Twitter has put in a lot of effort in designing this amazing homescreen based on what he feels what Ice Cream Sandwich would look like. Taking a look at it, you have to…

Mozilla Labs concept Android phone

by 3 years ago

Apparently Mozzila have some labs where they go about all day making cool concepts of what the future will be like. ‘Who’d have thunk it’, right? Well this time they’ve come up with a pretty solid concept of what a mobile phone could be like in the not too distant future, making use of emerging technologies that exist or are about to exist. Their creation? Sea Bird! An Android based device with a whole host of awesome features that will leave you smiling. Of course, this is really just a little bit of fun. After all, the device features an…

RKS Mimique Concept Phone with Android

by 6 years ago

U.S. based company RKS has designed a touch-screen concept cell phone that will run Google’s Android OS platform. The Mimique definitely mimics Palm’s Treo silhouette, including the protruding antenna, but offers iPhone-like features. The colorful handset offers a full screen interface that is fully customizable and looks to get its charge from a built-in USB port located on its right edge. For more photos, see the gallery below.