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5 mega-trends of the post-PC era

by: Gary SimsMarch 16, 2012


One of the exciting things about the post-PC era market today is the fact that it’s still a young, emerging market forging ahead in often bold directions. The tablet, as a post-PC device, is not even two years old yet, and the landscape is already changing fast! So where are things going? What will the next few years mean for Android and for us as mobile device users? According to a study from Gartner, the five mega-trends that will mark the way we use technology in the future are consumerization, virtualization, cloud computing, app-ification, and the shift to mobile.

Clearly, the biggest trend will be the continuing shift of Android devices to [...]

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90% of All Consumer Devices to Integrate Cloud Services by 2013

by: Bogdan PetrovanMarch 6, 2012

Market research firm Gartner released today an analysis that predicts an explosion of integrated cloud services over the coming years. The “personal cloud”, as Gartner calls the new wave of cloud services, will be integrated, by 2013, in 90% of all consumer devices, including TVs, tablets, smartphones, and PCs.

According to Gartner VP Andrew Johnson, users will come to demand the so-called “4S” experience, consisting of storing, synching, streaming, and sharing content, regardless of the device used. The market is heading towards unifying the user experience across multiple screens, which will also affect how consumers are using cloud services. As users become more [...]

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As Cloud Storage Is Heating Up, Box and Dropbox Give Android Users a Treat

by: Bogdan PetrovanFebruary 24, 2012

Competition in the cloud storage arena is reaching a boiling point, with all major players announcing new features, more storage, and grand plans for the future.

Quick recap: Apple will bake iCloud directly into OS X Mountain Lion, Google Drive is finally coming out of vaporware, and Microsoft will make SkyDrive ubiquitous, by integrating in with the upcoming Windows 8. Now, cloud storage specialists Box and Dropbox take the stage, announcing (nearly at the same time) updates for their Android apps.

Box for Android gets facelift, users lured with 50GB of free storage

Cloud storage service Box (previously known as has just released an updated Android app, [...]

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Searching Across Multiple Online Accounts with CloudMagic App

by: Alvin YbañezJanuary 24, 2012

Syncing your multiple accounts to your Android device can be helpful, but if you’re prolific with content in your various accounts, searching through your millions of files, documents, and other data for one exact file could be gruesome and time-consuming.  You’d wish there were a magic wand that you could flick to summon just that exact file you’re looking for.

The CloudMagic app just may be that magic wand.  It is an app for Android that will help you magically search through your various accounts “in a second”–all in just one app.

CloudMagic is an online cross-platform search tool for your email, contacts, calendar, events, social [...]

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Access Your Desktop through Your Android Phone

by: Christine TorralbaDecember 19, 2011

All this talk about Apple’s Cloud service may have interested many of its users. But for Android users, it is actually nothing new. What’s new, however, is the new Android app called PocketCloud Explore—an app developed by Wyse Technology in order to help its users gain a remote access with their PCs and Macs.

With the help of the app, you can easily search, view, or even organize your files on up to two remote computers. This can all be done through your own Android device. In a nutshell, it allows you to sync your data without having to go through the expensive cloud storage service fees. Through your Android device, you do not have to wait until the time you get [...]

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HTC Partners with Dropbox, Adds 5 GB Cloud Storage for New Users

by: Ken EastOctober 25, 2011

HTC users are now going to enjoy more data storage capacity, thanks to a recent tie-up between HTC and Dropbox. Today, via Facebook, HTC shared the good news to its users that Dropbox will come pre-installed on all its upcoming Android phones, giving all its users 5 GB of free cloud storage on Dropbox (more than the standard of 2 GB of storage).

Although, HTC did not clarify whether existing users will also enjoy this cloud-enabled file sharing application.

It appears that HTC’s strategy is to make its phones more appealing by giving those who will buy HTC phones free cloud storage rather than just focusing on adding more features to their phones. This appears to be [...]

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How to Print Wirelessly with Android – Google Cloud Print Beta for Android

by: Matthew SabatiniOctober 1, 2011

Google Cloud Printing

Although wireless printers have dropped substantially in price, you’re not sure if they are worth the upgrade, and Google agrees with you completely. I’m sure that you are asking, how can I print documents wirelessly from my Android device?

How Does Google Cloud Print Work?

In the world of Google Cloud Print, you can print anything, from any device, to any cloud-connected printer. When you print through Google Cloud Print, your file is securely sent to your printer over the web. Because it’s the web, Google Cloud Print works whether you’re in the same room as your printer, or on another continent. It also doesn’t [...]

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Thumbplay offers offline music playback for Android devices

by: Derek ScottJuly 26, 2010

Thumbplay announced that it is now offering offline music playback on Android devices.  The new offline capability allows users access to their music collections when no Wi-Fi or carrier data network connection is available. Thumbplay is a U.S.-based subscription service that allows users to download music, video, and games to their mobile phones. Users can manage, store, and share their content online and on their wireless devices.

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SugarSync releases new Cloud API to developers, SugarSync App to get new features

by: Susan ElleryDecember 2, 2009

SugarSync, the popular digital synchronization, backup and sharing platform, has announced that it is releasing a new Android API that will turn SugarSync into a cloud-based computing platform. Independent developers and handset manufacturers will be able to use the API to sync their applications with the data in the user’s SugarSync account. Data on the phone can be easily uploaded to the SugarSync cloud and data already in the cloud can be easily accessed by the mobile phone. SugarSync also announced that it is adding several exciting new features to its SugarSync application. The latest version of SugarSync, updated on December 1st, allows users to sync files and [...]

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