A big point of consternation for consumers considering the HTC One X as their next smartphone was the lack of an expandable memory storage option. While some explained that the 23GB additional free Dropbox cloud storage more than made up for it, the use of microSD expansion is obviously preferred….


While a few Android manufacturers have established partnerships to take their devices into the cloud era (like HTC did with Dropbox), others, such as ASUS and Apple, decided to build their own cloud storage services from scratch. It has long been suggested that Samsung would follow the latter path, and…


It seems Google is ready to take the lid off its cloud storage service, Google Drive, in the following days. The Next Web reports that they have received a draft release from one of Google’s partners that provides a glimpse of what the service entails. Apart from spilling the beans…

5 mega-trends of the post-PC era

by on March 16, 2012 5:15 am

  One of the exciting things about the post-PC era market today is the fact that it’s still a young, emerging market forging ahead in often bold directions. The tablet, as a post-PC device, is not even two years old yet, and the landscape is already changing fast! So where…


Market research firm Gartner released today an analysis that predicts an explosion of integrated cloud services over the coming years. The “personal cloud”, as Gartner calls the new wave of cloud services, will be integrated, by 2013, in 90% of all consumer devices, including TVs, tablets, smartphones, and PCs. According…


Syncing your multiple accounts to your Android device can be helpful, but if you’re prolific with content in your various accounts, searching through your millions of files, documents, and other data for one exact file could be gruesome and time-consuming.  You’d wish there were a magic wand that you could…