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SkyDrive for Android v1.1 now available, update brings SD card file uploads and more

by: Robert NelsonNovember 16, 2012
Microsoft has detailed the latest SkyDrive updates. These include changes to both the desktop and mobile apps. The Android app has been updated with new features and on the desktop side, SkyDrive users now have selective sync and easier sharing.
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Where the Internet Lives: Google gives us a look inside their data centers

by: Brendan LynchOctober 18, 2012
Google did yesterday something they have never done before. They allowed the general public to see what it is like inside one of their data centers. This means that they got a look at well over 50 thousand servers that power services we use every day. The tunnels of information that you can walk through is really breathtaking and almost seems unreal.
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Style Jukebox: Cloud-driven music syncing convenience

by: Dan EvansSeptember 27, 2012

Having a mobile device means that you can take your work with you when you step out of the house, read your latest RSS feeds when you’re on vacation, and stay connected to the music you like. Unfortunately, unless you’re very religious in syncing music between devices, chances are you’ll forget a song at home and your playlist just won’t be complete without it. You might not be able to enjoy your newest music find when you’ve left it on your computer and you completely forgot to load it up on your phone.

Imagine that scenario happening when you just have one mobile device. But, chances are, you don’t have just one gadget that you [...]

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Qualcomm says 90% of smartphones will be cloud-connected by 2013

by: J. Angelo RacomaSeptember 13, 2012
Qualcomm says that nine out of 10 smarpthones will be connected to the cloud by 2013. These figures constitute personal cloud services, meaning you are likely to have photos, files and other digital media stored in the cloud. You're also likely to be running apps and processes through remote servers and devices, and not just locally.
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OfficeDrop: Capturing documents, scanning PDF files, and sharing them in the cloud

by: Dan EvansJuly 16, 2012

Before cloud technology and online collaboration were possible, file sharing and collaborating were a nightmare. Sure, you could email files to your group mates or colleagues, but if you didn’t have a streamlined system for organizing your files, you’d soon discover a quickly growing mess of files. You should have seen my thesis computer folder.

The days before Google Docs and Dropbox were indeed dark, hilarious, and cluttered days. Syncing important files across computers is now possible and you don’t even have to bring a USB stick with you when you have a presentation. Technology, however, has been continuously pushing the envelope and today we’ll be taking a look at [...]

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Cloud gaming shake up: Sony acquires Gaikai, integrates OnLive on its upcoming Google TV

by: LucianJuly 2, 2012

There are two important cloud gaming services right now: OnLive and Gaikai. And it seems that Sony wants to integrate both of them into their current and future products.

First, it looks like Sony plans to include support for the OnLive cloud gaming service in their upcoming Google TV set top box,  memorably named NSZ-GS7. The features of Sony’s set top box will hopefully justify its $200 pricetag, considering that the Vizio Co-Star Google TV is due to arrive for $100, also with OnLive integration.

Sony is making an even bigger move in the cloud gaming space with the just announced acquisition of Gaikai, OnLive’s main competitor, for $380 [...]

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Dropbox introduces video streaming feature for Android 4.0

by: Ankit BanerjeeJune 11, 2012

A big point of consternation for consumers considering the HTC One X as their next smartphone was the lack of an expandable memory storage option.

While some explained that the 23GB additional free Dropbox cloud storage more than made up for it, the use of microSD expansion is obviously preferred. Another disappointing factor about most cloud storage services currently available is that accessing some files such as videos required you to download the entire video first, which meant you needed the additional storage space anyway.

With the latest update from Dropbox, there is finally some great news on that front, at least if you’re part of the 7% who use [...]

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Google Drive expected to launch today. What competitors have to say about it

by: Bams SadewoApril 24, 2012

Yang and Yun/Flickr

If you’ve been paying a close watch on the reports on Google’s cloud storage service, the fabled Google Drive, you are probably aware of the rumors that indicate today as a possible launch date of the cloud service. Customers, who will soon get to choose from the free version or the premium version of G-Drive, will surely welcome yet another cloud storage solution. But what do people in the industry think about Google Drive?

Talking to ZDNET’s Rachel King, Citrix’ vice president and general manager of data sharing, Jesse Lipson, said that Google has a long history of introducing products late in the game, in most cases as a response to [...]

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Samsung S-Cloud to be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S3 on May 3?

by: Ankit BanerjeeApril 21, 2012

While a few Android manufacturers have established partnerships to take their devices into the cloud era (like HTC did with Dropbox), others, such as ASUS and Apple, decided to build their own cloud storage services from scratch. It has long been suggested that Samsung would follow the latter path, and new information suggests that Sammy’s cloud storage service might finally be ready for launch.

We already know that the Samsung Galaxy S3, or at least “the next Galaxy”, will be launched on May 3 at a press event in London. But the rumor mill hasn’t stopped churning for a second. According to a leak from Korean website Maeil Business, Samsung [...]

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Google Drive to debut next week, free 5GB storage

by: Bams SadewoApril 17, 2012

It seems Google is ready to take the lid off its cloud storage service, Google Drive, in the following days. The Next Web reports that they have received a draft release from one of Google’s partners that provides a glimpse of what the service entails. Apart from spilling the beans on the expected launch date, which would be sometime next week (Tuesday is a possibility), TNW’s report confirms that each user will get 5GB of free online storage space.

What does this mean for other online storage services such as Box, Dropbox, and even SkyDrive? The 5GB storage that Google Drive offers for free trumps the default storage that user gets from Dropbox’s 2GB (you can [...]

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